What Does a Nuclear Security Officer Do?

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A nuclear security officer is specially trained to help lower risks that take place in nuclear power plants. This position is similar to other security jobs but includes additional duties because of the serious nature of problems that can develop through the mismanagement of a nuclear power plant. Some job duties include guarding the entrance and checking identification, keeping unauthorized individuals out of certain areas of the plant, checking vehicles, and monitoring protected areas of the plant. If problems develop in any of these areas, it is the job of the nuclear security officer to properly handle them.

Guarding the entrance to the nuclear power plant by watching people enter and checking identification are tasks undertaken by a nuclear security officer. Everyone who enters a nuclear power plant has an identification card that identifies who they are and what their duties are within the plant. The nuclear security officer has to be diligent in making sure that the people entering the plant are meant to be there, otherwise they could be entering into the plant to cause problems. This requires a keen eye and paying close attention to detail to avoid allowing people into the plant that do not belong there. In addition, it is the job of the nuclear security officer to watch the perimeter of the power plant to keep unauthorized people from sneaking in.


In a nuclear power plant, certain authorized people are allowed to go into protected areas of the plant, while other workers are not. This is based upon job duties and training, and it can be illegal for unauthorized people to enter into vital areas of the plant. The security officer ensures that the people entering into the protected areas of the plant are allowed to be there by checking identification and monitoring the areas throughout the day and night.

An additional duty of a nuclear security officer is to check vehicles to make sure that nobody is bringing unauthorized substances in or out of the power plant. Nuclear power plants have dangerous materials in them, and it is not acceptable for items to be removed from the plant. Vehicle checks include looking in the backseat or the trunk of vehicles if they are deemed suspicious. This also ensures that individuals are not brought into the power plant to do damage to the facility, which could result in a large disaster.


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