What Does a Move Coordinator Do?

N. Madison
N. Madison

A move coordinator has the job of arranging and managing the moving process for an individual or a business. This can include a wide range of tasks, including providing cost estimates and final payment information, arranging the time and date on which the relocation will begin, and estimating the amount of time required to complete the move. He may also have the responsibility of planning the move route, driving a moving truck, and managing the workers who will transfer boxes and furniture to and from the truck. Additionally, he might have the responsibility of communicating with customers and other relocation company staff regarding the relocation.

A move coordinator may be responsible for managing furniture movers.
A move coordinator may be responsible for managing furniture movers.

When working as a move coordinator, a person typically has the job of planning and coordinating all that has to come together for a successful relocation. The exact tasks a person must perform in this field usually depend on the company that hires him, but could involve some negotiation and sales in addition to move coordination duties. For example, in some cases, he may have to negotiate the price of a move with a customer as well as the details of a contract. He might also perform customer service tasks, including answering any questions a customer may have and dealing with problems that arise.

In many cases, a move coordinator must also perform some scheduling tasks. He may, for example, be required to carefully schedule moves to ensure that a company can provide relocation services to customers without showing up late or having to cancel. He might also work with customers on choosing the best date and time for a move. Additionally, a person with this title often has the responsibility of scheduling movers to load and unload moving trucks.

Sometimes a move coordinator's job description also includes physically helping with the relocation projects. For example, he might plan the traveling route for the relocation, and in some cases, drive the moving truck. He may also help load or unload particularly important items, such as those that are fragile and have a high monetary value. At the very least, a person with this title will generally oversee a relocation project, helping to ensure that the move proceeds as expected and the customer's belongings are handled with care.

Besides serving as the contact person for customers, a person with this title could also serve as a main point of contact for all others who are involved in the move. This might include various staff members at the headquarters of the relocation company as well as managers and those responsible for bookkeeping. It could even include those who handle claims in the event that something goes wrong with a relocation project.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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