What does a Mouse Exterminator do?

Ken Black

A mouse exterminator is an individual who focuses not only on mice eradication, but also preventing future infestations. To do this, the exterminator must develop a comprehensive plan, determining what makes a home attractive to mice and how they are accessing it. In order to successfully carry out any plan, the mouse exterminator may need to make several visits.

Switching baits and traps may help exterminators successfully eradicate a mouse infestation.
Switching baits and traps may help exterminators successfully eradicate a mouse infestation.

The first problem a mouse exterminator must deal with is finding a way to take care of the mice already in the home. Doing this will, by necessity, take into account the makeup of the family. Care must be taken in the placement of traps and poisons around homes with young children or pets. In some cases, it may be necessary to block a child's access to certain areas. A good mouse exterminator will realize this and make adjustments where needed.

A mouse exterminator is responsible for eliminating a home's mouse infestation.
A mouse exterminator is responsible for eliminating a home's mouse infestation.

Mouse exterminators must evaluate each situation after a plan of action has been put into place. Even the best exterminators may find there are times when their preferred methods simply do not seem to work. They should realize when the results are not satisfactory, and come up with other possible solutions, such as switching baits, traps, or poisons. This is not the sign of an exterminator who does not know what to do, but rather the sign of one who is flexible enough to realize each situation is different and come up with a way to change the situation.

While the problem of the infestation is being eliminated, the mouse exterminator should also conduct an evaluation of the home. This will include looking at possible entry and exit points for the mice, and coming up with a strategy of blocking those points. Often, a professional mouse exterminator will be able to quickly identify these problem spots, based on experiences with other homes. Therefore, this part of the process usually does not take as long as many people may think, due to the professional's understanding of the animal's behavior.

Additionally, the mouse exterminator may also be able to determine what makes one home more attractive to mice than others, and make recommendations for how to change this. Plenty of places to hide, easy entry points, and access to sources of food may all play a role in making a home appealing to mice, and are easy for a homeowner to control. There may be other factors that are beyond the ability of the homeowner to control, such as the home's location. In those cases, most focus will likely be on extermination and preventing the mice from entering.

Some exterminators use rat poison to eliminate rodents.
Some exterminators use rat poison to eliminate rodents.

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I don't care how, but they all need to die. They are gross and very nasty little pests that make you feel dirty. They violate your territories and privacy. I say get rid of them all!


What if the poisons do not seem to work? Should I call in an expert? Are the Council pest controllers any good or not?


@dbuckley: Get a life. What do you mean, inhumane? They are pests that are not only carriers of highly infectious and deadly diseases, but they destroy your home in the processe. They should be killed. Having those things running rampant in your home is a complete violation. Let them crawl on you while you sleep at night. Sometimes you humane society people get on my last nerve when it comes to certain issues.


I think that it would be most helpful to have a squirrel exterminator. After all, they really are just like tree rats, and steal all the birdseed. I have all these enormously fat squirrels living around my house who have gotten to be so heavy due to all the birdseed I have fed to them unwillingly.



I find this method inhumane, to allow a mouse to die slowly stuck to a pad like that. I think that the risk of having a mousetrap is worth the relatively humane death for the poor little animal.


Mousetraps can be dangerous to humans, so it is often preferable to get a sticky pad. These cause the insect or animal to just stick and die there. The death is not as quick as that of a mousetrap, but it is more effective.

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