What does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer do?

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A motorcycle accident lawyer practices the area of negligence law. She deals exclusively with injuries and losses suffered by someone involved in a motorcycle accident. Because of some safety risks unique to riding a motorcycle, these lawyers deal with legal issues that are particular to the operation of this type of vehicle.

After an accident, the motorcycle accident lawyer consults with her client and gathers facts involved in the accident. She evaluates the legal strengths and weaknesses of the case with her client. She also explain how the legal process works and the steps involved in a negligence case.

In preparation for trial, a motorcycle accident lawyer conducts research on the legal issues involved in the case, and obtains medical and police accident reports. She may also interview witnesses and take depositions from any witnesses she believes may be helpful at trial. A motorcycle accident attorney also retains crash investigators to view and analyze any evidence from the crash site, including the vehicles involved. Experts may also be retained to review medical records and testify about the extent of the client's injuries. Other experts may play a role in reviewing documents to make a determination about the cause of the accident.


Prior to any trial, a motorcycle accident lawyer conducts settlement negotiations with attorneys representing the defendant’s insurer. She may discuss with her client any offers made to settle the case. The lawyer may correspond with her client’s insurer and medical providers to make sure that her client is being treated fairly and receiving appropriate medical for her injuries. If there is not settlement offer acceptable to her client, she would represent the client at trial.

At trial, a motorcycle accident lawyer, on behalf of her client, would try to prove that that the person alleged to be at fault, the “defendant,” was negligent. In personal injury law, the plaintiff can be compensated for physical injuries and the damage to the motorcycle caused by the defendant’s negligence. Damages can include medical bills for injuries, the expense of repair or replacement of her motorcycle, and any other expenses resulting from the accident. The motorcycle accident attorney would present all the available evidence to show the extent of her clients damages.

A motorcycle accident attorney might also investigate any potential issues regarding product safety. Vehicles, including motorcycles, are expected to be designed and manufactured for any foreseeable safe use, including the possibility of an accident. These types of manufacturing and design issues could become a part of a client’s case regarding the extent of injuries.


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