What Does a Mobile Beauty Therapist Do?

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Working as a mobile beauty therapist involves performing a variety of face and body treatments which are intended to help clients improve their appearance and health. Unlike traditional beauty therapists working in a centralized location, these individuals travel to a client's residence. Generally speaking, a formal degree isn't necessary in this career, but a person is usually required to be certified in a particular area, such as facials or massage. Some common job duties of a mobile beauty therapist include communicating with customers, setting appointments and traveling to residences, performing treatments and managing inventory.

Communicating with customers is typically the first thing a mobile beauty therapist will do. In most cases, this involves a customer contacting the therapist and inquiring into the services offered. During this time, she might answer any questions the customer might have regarding treatment options, experience, pricing and any other details. Besides this, a mobile beauty therapist might ask the customer about any allergies or skin irritations that could affect the treatment.

After the preliminary information has been discussed, the therapist will set an appointment for the client. Basically, a mobile beauty therapist will designate a date and time that works for both parties and schedule an appointment accordingly. Along with this, she will talk about which types of treatment the client wants and how much they will cost. In addition, she must write down the location of the residence and get directions.


For each appointment, a mobile beauty therapist will travel to the appropriate location. She must also be sure to bring along any necessary equipment, such as a massage table or waxing supplies. Due to the mobile nature of this career, the individual must be willing and able to continually travel, and comfortable dealing with a variety of clients.

Perhaps the most important part of this job is performing beauty treatments, such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages and facials. In some cases, a mobile beauty therapist may perform numerous treatments. Other times, she may only concentrate on a few particular ones. Regardless of the treatment types practiced, she must be highly skilled and make sure each client is satisfied with her services.

Additionally, it's often necessary for a mobile beauty therapist to manage inventory on an ongoing basis. For example, she might need to stay stocked on items such as nail polish, waxes and massage oils. To ensure that supplies are available for each client, she must keep track of inventory quantities and order more supplies before existing ones run out.


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