What Does a Merchandise Order Filler Do?

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A merchandise order filler reviews customer orders and either ships the products to the client or arranges for customers to collect the purchased goods from a pick up location. Typically, order fillers are employed by retailers, wholesalers or product manufacturers. A merchandise order filler may have to pick up heavy objects so these jobs requires a degree of physical strength as well as some administrative skills.

Generally, employers do not require order fillers to have college degrees or vocation specific qualifications. Many firms only fill merchandise order filler positions with candidates who have completed high school, however. Firms normally arrange on-the-job training for new employees and the length of the training process depends in part on the variety of different types of merchandise that the order filler has to handle.


Many firms enable consumer and business clients to order products online, over the phone or via the mail. The orders are received directly by the employees who dispatch the products or by administrative staff who pass on details of the orders to the back office order filling crew. Upon receiving a client request, the merchandise order filler must locate the requested items. In many instances, supplies of goods are kept in warehouses and the order filler must locate the requested item by cross-referencing the order code with codes printed on packaged goods. When the items have been located, the order filler may dispatch the merchandise to the client by using the postal service or by arranging an express delivery.

Some manufacturers only produce goods when orders are received by clients. In these instances, the order filler must pass the details of the order onto the manufacturing department and then make arrangements to have the completed merchandise dispatched to the client. Merchandise order fillers are also responsible for ordering supplies at firms that keep supplies of inventory on hand. Typically, the order filler notifies the manufacturing department or the product supplier whenever inventory falls below a certain level.

In most instances, a merchandise order filler has no direct contact with the firm's clients. Order fillers sometimes contact clients to verify customer information such as the delivery address. When supplies of merchandise are depleted, an order filler may directly contact clients to offer alternative types of merchandise or to provide the client with an estimate as to how long it will take for the firm to acquire additional supplies of the requested merchandise. Some wholesalers and retailers have pick up locations at warehouses where clients can collect goods directly from the order fillers. Firms typically require order fillers who deal directly with the public to have good customer service skills.


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