What does a Member Services Representative do?

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The duties and responsibilities of a member services representative can vary, depending on the type of company he or she is employed by and how members are assisted by that company. In general, however, this type of representative works for a company that includes membership for customers in some way. His or her responsibilities are usually largely customer service related, and often entail listening to complaints or issues members have and finding solutions to assist them. The exact nature of such assistance can vary, but the goal is usually member satisfaction.

A member services representative is typically someone who works for a company at which customers often have a membership or account of some kind. Banks, for example, employ a representative to assist branch members — people who have accounts at the bank — with credit issues or questions regarding their accounts. The work of someone in this type of position often involves helping people who wish to become members start an account, finding the type of account that is best for members, and ensuring members are happy at the end of the process.


Someone working as a member services representative for a medical insurance company, on the other hand, often works to assist customers who are members of a particular insurance program. This type of work may be done largely over the phone, while a representative at a bank may work with members directly. The responsibilities in this type of position are likely to be similar, however, and include answering questions for members, finding solutions to problems, and following up on actions taken to solve a problem. This representative is usually expected to find solutions that ensure customer satisfaction, while also maintaining profits for a company.

There are also retail businesses that may employ a member services representative. This is most common at stores that include membership programs, such as large wholesale or warehouse retail businesses. Such stores often require membership to shop at and make purchases from the store, and establishing and maintaining these memberships is a key aspect of this type of business plan. A member services representative in such a retail environment often works to help customers start their memberships, assists members who have questions about a membership program or benefits, and works with management to ensure ongoing membership with long-term customers.


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