What does a Medical Staff Coordinator do?

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A medical staff coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the staff members in a given medical facility are in complete compliance with any state licensing requirements and that the members of the staff are following all legal guidelines. He or she might be responsible for ensuring that the staff members are in compliance with continuing education requirements. Additionally, a medical staff coordinator typically is responsible for keeping all employee records and paperwork up to date. He or she might also be responsible for the hiring process of all potential employees. This could include the preparation and posting of any advertisements relating to the hiring of new staff members.

In order to ensure that the medical staff stays current with all regulations, policies and required education, the medical staff coordinator must be knowledgeable about all of these things. In addition, the person in this position is responsible for ensuring that the staff members attend all of the continued education programs necessary to keep them in good standing. This responsibility requires that the coordinator be in regular contact with the staff members. The position requires consistent communication between staff members and government agencies to ensure that all rules are being followed. To this end, the coordinator will need to stay educated as well.


The education requirements for individuals seeking a position as medical staff coordinator can vary from one facility to another. Some facilities might require that the individual has earned a two-year degree with an emphasis on business in addition to having a background in the healthcare industry. Experience in health information also might be required by the facility. Many facilities require the individual has a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in business. Experience requirements will vary based on the facility .

A medical staff coordinator's salary is based on his or her experience in the medical field, his or her education and the location of the facility. The size and type of facility also will have an effect, with larger facilities typically paying higher salaries. There are many types of facilities that would employ a medical staff coordinator, including private nursing homes and large hospitals.


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