What does a Medical Coordinator do?

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A medical coordinator is in charge of health programs administration and medical health project management. Depending on the geographic location and scope of the organization for which the coordinator works, the programs and projects may be localized to a city, county, or state, or encompass a country or group of countries. Regardless of the geographic area served, the medical coordinator is responsible for strictly following agency procedures and funding guidelines concurrent with protecting consumer rights as they relate to health programs and services.

More specifically, a medical coordinator implements and evaluates health projects, and monitors their progress to identify and rectify problems. She must keep abreast of all policies and procedures as they relate to each project, and interface extensively with key directors and management personnel. Communicating with a wide range of health care authorities and other medical coordinators is imperative to achieve mutual goals.

At outside meetings and community forums, a person in this position represents her organization and its interests. She attends health-related conferences, drafts related proposals, and surveys and writes articles to further the goals of the organization. If topics arise that would benefit from community discussion, the medical coordinator may arrange community forums and prepares appropriate agendas.


On an as-needed basis, the medical coordinator assesses current programs and reports to community and medical professionals on their progress. She may make recommendations to amend, develop, or eliminate programs. Written and oral program reviews are often required by organization directors and governing agencies.

Depending on the organizational structure and scope of accountability, the medical coordinator may also have the responsibility of supporting medical efforts and teams in the field. This can encompass scheduling vehicle maintenance and meeting constantly changing transportation needs. She may also be required to assist in scheduling vehicle fleets for maximum efficiency.

The duties of this position can change every day. She may be required to be an in-house administrator handling paperwork and telecommunications one day and be called upon to go out into the field to resolve operational issues the next. The ability to remain flexible in changing situations is vital to being successful in this position.

While a degree in administration, management, or project coordination is preferable for a career in this field, it is not absolutely necessary. Many organizations value experience in related fields as much as formal education. A combination of related education and hands-on experience in associated fields is usually considered highly desirable.


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@Bhiver - There are EMR coordinators, Staffing coordinators, office management coordinators, and medical assistant coordinators to name a few. They work in medical offices, hospitals, records systems, and even help set up emergency vehicles for some hospitals, and also work in human resource areas of hospitals helping coordinate staffing needs to ensure a proper fit for people applying for specific jobs.

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What type of medical coordinator jobs are there and where do they work?

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@colts92 - Rarely, I think. My sister-in-law is a medical coordinator, and she doesn't talk about patients much. Generally they are involved with planning and implementing procedures, but not with patients. I'm sure it happens sometimes, though.

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Does a medical coordinator ever interact with patients?

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