What does a Marketing Supervisor do?

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A marketing supervisor helps a company identify, develop, and implement new strategies for selling products or services. A professional manages a team of economic specialists who conduct careful market research. He or she uses information gathered by the team to determine the demand for new products and potential competitors in a market. By analyzing many factors, a marketing supervisor is able to figure about the most cost-effective means of producing, advertising, and ultimately selling goods. The main goal of most supervisors is to maximize company profits while providing consumers with the best products.

A business relies on marketing professionals to provide reliable information about the interests of potential customers. The marketing supervisor leads his or her team in conducting consumer surveys and analyzing sales figures regarding certain types of merchandise and services. By determining the market demand for a product, the supervisor can advise executives on the type and quantity of goods that should be produced. Some supervisors directly communicate with research and development workers to help them decide on the most efficient and inexpensive ways to manufacture new products.


Marketing supervisors also make decisions regarding the best ways to advertise, promote, and sell products to end consumers or retail stores. They attempt to identify customers in certain age and gender demographics who would likely be most interested in a product, and provide consultation to advertising teams on how to best get their attention. Marketing professionals consider manufacturing costs, the demand for certain goods, and the success of competing corporations to set prices.

Marketing supervisors track the success of advertising campaigns and sales, and make adjustments in order to increase profits. They usually make changes after reviewing monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales reports organized by other marketing workers. If a product does not appear to be selling well, a supervisor might decide to reduce the price or suggest new advertising strategies. It is sometimes necessary for a marketing supervisor to advise the company to stop producing a failed good altogether, and return to the drawing board to come up with better ideas.

In most companies, a marketing supervisor is promoted to the position after proving his or her competence and skills in entry level jobs. Some businesses only hire professionals who have obtained specialized business degrees from accredited colleges and universities. A bachelor's degree or higher in business administration, finance, economics, or marketing is essential for many marketing supervisor positions. In addition, a prospective supervisor can choose to obtain certification from nationally recognized organizations to improve their credentials and chances for finding employment.


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What kind of education and experience do i need to become a marketing manger? I have worked in marketing for a few years but I have a degree in journalism rather than marketing. I think I have the chops to manage larger campaigns but I have not been able to get a shot yet. Can I move up based on experience alone or would I need to go back to school to get more education in marketing?

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There are a number of metrics that are used to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. This could be anything from targeted increases in sales to added viewership of online ads. It is the job of the marketing manager to track these metrics and to compare them to pre established goals to judge whether a particular campaign has been successful.

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