What does a Marketing Specialist do?

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Marketing specialists are valuable parts of the advertising and promotion effort for a company. In general, he or she will be charged with the creation of an overall marketing program that will help a company to grow market share. This can involve overseeing the general program or working to design and deliver specific components of the marketing campaign, such as a layout for media coverage, the creation of print advertising, or even label or packaging design for the products.

A marketing specialist will usually be competent in evaluating the needs of the consumer market as they relate to a given product or set of products. This means that the marketer will understand how and where to acquire knowledge about consumer demands and trends that are relevant to the marketing of specific goods and services. Marketers with the ability to efficiently gather data and utilize the information to create marketing campaigns are often sought out to design advertising for niche markets as well as promotional plans with a general appeal.

Along with strong creative and investigative skills, a marketing specialist usually has some formal education as part of the preparation process for a career in marketing. Most employers prefer that he or she have at least a bachelor’s degree, while some prefer a master’s degree in marketing or some related field of expertise. Along with formal educational credentials, many companies prefer to hire those with at least two years of experience in marketing.


The marketing specialist may work directly for a corporation, or be part of the team at an advertising agency. When working as part of the development team at a company, he or she normally is focused on creative efforts, and will report to a supervisor or manager. In situations where the marketing specialist works for an agency, the specialist is normally part of a team that pitches the campaign ideas to the client and then executes the plan once the client has approved of the components.


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Post 2

I think it's important to get a good mix of theoretical and practical skills to be a good marketing specialist.

A formal education in marketing obviously looks better on paper and gives someone interested in marketing more resources and training, but if the creativity, drive, and investigative skills aren't there then all those qualifications won't carry the weight in making their performance as successful.

It seems discouraging when someone has the attributes, some of that education and still can’t get a job because they lack experience. They just need a chance to prove themselves and show that they can make things happen. There are so many ways and places a marketing specialist can be used too which, again, make it such a diverse and open-ended role with high demand with great potential for success all around.

Post 1

Nice overview! I definitely agree with most of what you said, but I'd just like to add that being a marketing manager or marketing director is not a one-dimensional job, but rather a multi-faceted specialist role. This role is all about communication, activities, integration, display, and making connections so that their company and its products or services will be felt and seen in more ways, thus getting more business.

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