What does a Marketing Representative do?

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A marketing representative supports a number of marketing activities with the purpose of generating positive imaging for a company’s services or products. Positions in this field encompass sales responsibilities along with advertising and communication tasks to promote, sell, or engage customers and potential customers in purchasing a company’s products or services. Representatives are expected to generate a positive awareness of a business, organization, service, or product as well as develop a connection between buyers and sellers. This job involves a significant amount of multitasking and strategizing with the task of implementing and developing a multitude of marketing and sales plans and goals.

A professional who is performing in a marketing capacity may represent a product or service on either a local, regional, or national level. The representative works with a director or manager along with others within the marketing department of the company. The main focus of a marketing representative is to develop and implement strategies to build and reinforce the overall company brand message for its products and services. Someone in this type of position will be expected to work both in the office and travel throughout an assigned territory to meet regularly with clients and customers.


Those in a marketing sales representative position usually attend regularly occurring meetings with clients regarding the services, products, or organizations being represented. Sales meetings within the company are held regularly to develop branding messages and ensure a thorough understanding of the product or service. Most marketing representative positions include expectations for rapport building with clients, advertising agencies, and various media houses to establish and maintain the brand and product image.

A marketing rep also regularly forecasts and analyzes sales trends, product performance, and marketing strategies. The representative may be responsible for tracking and reviewing product or service pricing and performance. A representative in the marketing field will often also present recommendations for updates, changes, and improvements to products and brand imaging. Many marketing representative positions will also include the task of capturing and reviewing customer feedback electronically or in other media.

Often a marketing representative may be assigned to prepare displays for sales shows or presentations and attend trade shows. One may travel throughout specified territories to meet with customers and clients or connect with individual merchants to generate strategies for increasing product sales. Presenting products or promoting available services at conventions may fall under a marketing representative job description as well.


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Post 2

If you can get a job as a marketing representative that allows you to travel to various trade shows you are in for a fun career. Meeting people in different cities, and taking in all the various environments can be a thrilling way to work.

A good thing to check into before you start working is to see if you are getting paid on commission, or a base salary. Salaries for marketing representatives vary widely, from around $23,000 to $67,000. There is also a huge gap in benefits, with 25% of marketing representatives reporting no benefits whatsoever. Make sure you know what you’re getting so you can make ends meet.

Post 1

Becoming a marketing representative can be an exciting career choice as it offers the chance to work with many different industries, from health care to fashion.

People looking to enter this field should realize though, that a marketing representative is a very broad job description and no two companies require the same tasks.

I think this job should be for those who are flexible and that are looking to make numerous connections in the marketing industry. Putting yourself out there is the key to success and how hard you work reflects in how much you'll get paid and what benefits you’ll receive.

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