What Does a Marketing Communications Coordinator Do?

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A marketing communications coordinator manages a company's marketing activities and executes marketing strategy. This job usually entails a significant level of engagement with the firm's sales department. Someone working in this position will likely create marketing campaigns and sales materials, and promote the company's goods or services to the public. The marketing communications coordinator's job is usually to ensure a cohesive and unified positioning of the company within its market niche. He or she will typically engage in a wide range of tasks, and be extensively involved in marketing project management.

Usually working under a firm's marketing director or chief executive officer (CEO), a marketing communications coordinator fleshes out and implements the marketing plan. He or she pulls all of the pieces of the marketing strategy together, making sure marketing materials are produced and distributed in an effective way. A person in this position may also produce some or all of the marketing campaigns and sales materials.

Those materials will then be used to promote the company's goods or services to the public. The marketing communications coordinator typically works very closely with the sales department. He or she may distribute sales leads, and consult with sales personnel on what themes and issues seem to resonate most strongly with customers. This information is then commonly given to the director of marketing.


A marketing communications coordinator may gather information from various channels and through meetings with management, using it to determine whether a change in marketing strategy or operations may be in order. The work of a marketing communications coordinator goes two ways: feedback is gathered from clients and potential customers, and marketing information is also dispensed. The list of potential activities that a marketing communications coordinator may perform is extensive. These may include compiling and tracking analytics on sales and marketing campaigns, or producing and distributing news and sales letters to current customers.

A professionals in this career will likely work to ensure cohesive, unified positioning of the company in its market niche. He or she will usually take the overall decisions determining a company's branding and marketing strategy and translate those into a unified portfolio of marketing and sales products. This career path will typically involve engaging in a wide range of marketing-related tasks, and will likely demand extensive work in marketing project management.

Often, he or she will attend trade shows, write newsletters, and do sales presentations. Public relations tasks may also fall to the marketing communications coordinator. People working in this position typically possess a bachelor's degree in marketing or business management.


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