What Does a Marketing Administrator Do?

D. Nelson

Marketing administrators are professionals who are responsible for managing all operations related to advertising and public image initiatives. These professionals tend to have undergraduate degrees in marketing or sales, and might also have graduate degrees in related fields, especially in job markets where competition is high. It also is common for marketing administrators to begin their careers in specific facets of the marketing field, such as in advertising, graphic design, or copy writing. In most cases, a marketing administrator meets with executives and high level managers to discuss how an organization and its products should be marketed to demographics and to learn which groups of people make up target demographics. After determining what the public image of an organization should be, a marketing administrator might then meet with representatives from different marketing departments to direct campaigns, oversee operations, and participate in issues of employee management, such as recruiting, promotion, and delegation of tasks.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

It is common for a marketing administrator to gather research that he or she can take back to executives to help them understand in which direction marketing campaigns should go. For example, a marketing administrator might gather data that helps him or her to understand which tactics are being used by competitor businesses. He or she might also gather data regarding trends in popular culture which might provide inspiration for creative professionals who are interested in influencing public opinion.

In most cases, a marketing administrator has already briefly analyzed market research data prior to meeting with executives. He or she might give a presentation in which he or she communicates various options for marketing initiatives and makes suggestions for which path is optimal. Executives might then give input based on their own experience, research, and long term plans for their company. Once an agreement is reached, it is common for a marketing administrator to act as a project manager, meaning that he or she might begin composing a list of necessary actions and plans for implementation and delegating tasks to professionals in different departments.

It also is common for a marketing administrator to work closely with representatives from each department that performs work which impacts the success of a marketing campaign. For example, an administrator might meet continually with graphic designers to create logos that convey a message that he or she decided on when meeting with upper level management. A marketing administrator might consult advertising representatives to determine how to spread an organization's message to the best demographics, based on previously performed market research.

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