What Does a Maintenance Assistant Do?

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A maintenance assistant plays an important role in keeping a facility clean, safe and operational. Individuals in this profession can work in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, government buildings and hospitals. Some individuals will work third shift hours after most employees have gone home and others will work normal business hours. Regardless of the different work settings, the job duties are pretty much universal. These duties primarily include emptying garbage cans, cleaning floors, cleaning restrooms, making needed repairs and moving heavy equipment.

One of the most consistent job duties of this assistant is emptying garbage cans. In order to keep a facility clean, minimize odors and coincide with sanitary regulations, it's necessary to remove waste and place it in a dumpster for pickup. This task is usually done on a daily basis.

Keeping floors clean is another important job duty that's typically done on a daily basis. This usually involves sweeping and mopping hardwood or tile floors, and vacuuming carpeted floors. This action removes debris and keeps floor surfaces safe for other workers, as well as the public. In addition, a maintenance assistant might periodically polish non-carpeted floors with a floor buffer to remove skid marks.


Cleaning restrooms is also a common job duty. Performing this action includes wiping off mirrors, mopping floors, re-stocking soap and toilet paper and cleaning toilets and urinals. This practice is essential for maintaining health and safety standards, and is typically done once or twice daily.

Another aspect of being a maintenance assistant is promptly making needed repairs. For example, if a bathroom is experiencing plumbing difficulties, the assistant will be responsible for repairs. If a facility is having electrical problems, this individual may work on the breaker box to solve the issue. In some cases, he will work alone, and he may work alongside the maintenance supervisor in others. Consequently, this job requires a person who is mechanically inclined and capable of fixing a number of problems within a facility.

In addition, a maintenance assistant is also responsible for moving heavy equipment from time to time. For example, if a desk needs to be transported from one room to another, the maintenance assistant would use a hand truck or push cart to do so. Due to the physical nature of the job, an individual must be in decent physical shape and capable of doing some occasional heavy lifting.


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