What does a Logician do?

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A logician is somebody who works or study in the field of logic. This can cover an extremely wide variety of jobs and positions, ranging from the practical application of logic in a particular field, to a purely academic study of the subject. Logic can cover both philosophy and mathematics based field, though more logician jobs include the latter.

One of the growing areas for logician jobs is computer science. This is because logic is at the heart of computing: one of the main principles of a computer’s operation is that it follows a fixed set of rules for how it behaves. This means that when a computer is given instructions, the programmer can usually rely on it to act in a predictable fashion. However, one developing area of computer logic is trying to simulate or model the logic used by the human brain in an attempt to understand more about how the brain operates.

Many, if not most, people who work as logicians will have a specialist qualification in the subject. The usual process is to gain an undergraduate degree in a wider subject such as mathematics or computer science. Students can then pursue a post-graduate qualification through a specific course dealing with logic. While vocational experience can help improve the ability to use logician skills within a particular professional area, logic is an area in which it is difficult to thrive without a solid academic background.


The name logician can also be used for people who work in the field of logistics. This is a very practical use of logic. It most commonly involves organizing the movement and distribution of goods in the most efficient manner. However, it can also be applied to the movement of energy, or even knowledge.

At its core, logistics is the process of making sure the right item is in the right place at the right time. The process can be more complicated, for example, by requiring that the item arrive in the right condition. One example of logistics is in a supply chain where different parts from different suppliers must arrive at a manufacturer under a particular schedule so that finished goods can be made without wasting time or other resources. Another practical example of logistics is a parcel courier service which needs to make sure packages get to their destination on time while minimizing the distance they must be transported.

Logician is also the name given to a particular software package, meaning that some logician jobs refer to staff using this software rather than the activity the employee actually carries out. The software is used for capturing data during laboratory work and other research. It is designed to make it easier to compare different data sample and to measure the trends and patterns which appear in the results.


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It was amazing to see the process the computer scientists used to take that particular computer from more or less a basic machine that answered few of the questions correctly to a more seasoned player.

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Progress is being made by IBM on using computer programming to make a computer think more like a human.

A good example of this is the computer, called Watson, that participated in the question and answer game show Jeopardy a few years ago.

This computer had an an advantage over the human brain because it could instantly calculate all possible answers to a question and the degree of their probable correctness.

A disadvantage was that a computer's brain, so to speak, is less flexible. If a question was in an unknown context or included a play on words, the computer often answered incorrectly.

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