What does a Locker Room Attendant do?

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A locker room attendant is usually responsible for keeping a locker room presentable. He or she may clean, restock supplies, or offer customer service. A wide variety of establishments have locker rooms, including gyms, salons, and sports arenas. The duties a locker room attendant performs are largely dependent on where he or she works.

In many locations, a locker room attendant is responsible for checking in visitors. He or she may take identification, check equipment in and out, and otherwise assist visitors in navigating the facilities. In high-end establishments, a locker room attendant may be responsible for making sure the personalized needs of clients are met. This may include providing special materials, maintaining special equipment, or even shining shoes. In most locations, customer service is a large part of the job.

Most facilities also use a locker room attendant to keep the locker room clean. This may include cleaning up spills, making sure showers and toilets work, and keeping all supplies stocked. The degree of cleanliness and the importance of stocking supplies vary at different establishments, and this may or may not be an important part of the attendant's job in practice.


A locker room is frequently an area where guests shower and therefore where they use towels provided by the establishment. An attendant may be responsible for keeping track of towels and making sure all towels get laundered appropriately. A large part of an attendant's job usually revolves around folding and laundering towels, because many patrons of locker rooms use them, primarily after showering. At establishments that also provide services for clothing, the attendant may be responsible for laundering these items as well.

While most locker room attendants work in the city where they live, some attendants gain the opportunity to move to desirable areas, such as resorts or cruise ships. Alternatively, some people take these jobs in order to take part in the sport served by the locker room. For instance, a young avid tennis player might take a job as an attendant at a prestigious tennis club in order to gain access to the club and rub shoulders with professionals.

Certain sports are known to typically have high-end locker rooms. Golfers, for instance, often have locker rooms that offer shoe-shining services, newspapers, and repairs. These positions are often considered somewhat prestigious, depending on the quality of the club, and may lead to valuable connections. It is very important in these cases for the attendant to be considered likable as well as knowledgeable about the sport, as he or she is considered a representative of the club itself.


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Post 3

Locker room and bathroom attendants used to be more common when I was young. Even high end restaurants had attendants who offered us a clean towel, polished our shoes, etc. I guess some high end restaurants in big cities continue the tradition. I don't see it as much as I used to though. Attending to customers is important though, people tend to go back there if the service is exceptional.

Post 2

I think there ought to be locker room attendants. We have one at our spa / gym. He doesn't have that many duties actually. He just keeps fresh towels and collects the used ones for washing. He also re-stock soap and shampoo, etc. There is someone else who cleans the place and keeps it hygienic.

If a locker room or shower area is not hygienic, there is just no excuse for it. As you said, you can pick up various fungal and bacterial infections. My friend got a staph infection that way. Staph infections are awful, you certainly don't want one. And locker rooms, towels have to be very clean to avoid these issues. If the management at your gym doesn't do anything about it, I think you should change your gym as soon as possible.

Post 1

I didn't even know that there are locker room attendants. I wish we had one at our gym. That place smells so bad after all the guys hang out in there after working out. I'm always afraid of getting athlete's foot or some other fungal infection. They have towels there but I don't use them. I bring my own. It would be great to have a locker room attendant just to make the place more hygienic. I would be less worried about this stuff. I frequent the gym often so I might talk to the manager and ask him to consider hiring someone for this. Or maybe they can get one of the current employees to take up the job.

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