What does a Limousine Driver do?

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A limousine driver transports passengers to and from prearranged locations. She may work a prescribed route on a regular basis, her driving assignments may be dictated by the locations of special events or the paths she drives may change every day. Her employment may be with a limousine company, government entity, private business or affluent individual. She may also own and operate her own limousine company, which could have one or many luxury automobiles in its fleet.

Limousine services are offered in a wide range of circumstances. A limousine driver may only transport people from one specific point to another, such as from a specific hotel to the local airport. Her service may be provided on an as-needed basis and be contracted for special events, such as weddings, galas or high school dances and proms. If she works for an individual, she may spend a major portion of her day taking him or her from home to assorted locations and be compelled to wait in the limousine in between destinations.

Customer service is customarily considered to be the focus of a limousine driver. She is generally expected to not only cater to customers’ needs, but also anticipate them. Holding car doors and umbrellas, loading luggage and parcels into the passenger compartment and trunk and helping secure children into safety seats are commonly expected of a limousine driver.


To make the experience memorable and pleasurable, a limousine driver frequently provides comfortable amenities for passengers. These extra services commonly include a fully stocked bar, appetizers and snacks, a television or a quality sound system with a selection of music to ordinarily suit every taste. Other comforts frequently provided by a limousine driver include telephones, newspapers and magazines.

Whether a driver works for a company or for herself, the general upkeep of the limousine is normally her responsibility. The exterior is generally expected to be gleaming and free of any smudges. There should be no debris or dirt on the interior, and it is typically expected to smell fresh, clean and free of deodorizers or other offensive odors. A limousine driver is commonly expected to perform these tasks herself, or she may hire a professional to provide proper vehicle maintenance.

There are normally no formal educational requirements for a limousine driver, although a high school diploma or equivalent is generally a prerequisite for employment. A current driver’s license is necessary and many areas may require an additional, specialized driver’s license if the limousine is considered oversized. Excellent communication and advanced customer service skills are often regarded as the best qualifications for this job.


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