What Does a Licensed Electrician Do?

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There are many roles that are performed by a licensed electrician, all of which are vital to the upkeep of not just residential areas but industry and commerce as well. Among the common duties for licensed electricians are rewiring an area of a building or the entire building, installing new wiring and replacing or installing electrical fixtures. With their vast skill set, they should be able to solve any problem related to the electrical system in a building. Electricians also often provide advice on other issues that might need to be fixed that are affecting a property’s electricity or safety, such as fire hazards.

The jobs that a professional electrician can do vary from the small to the large, with perhaps the largest being the rewiring of an entire building. During this task the electrician removes all of the wiring that is present in a property, then replaces it with new wiring that conforms to all legal requirements regarding the safe installation of an electrical circuit. Additionally, the electrician will remove all of the fuse boxes and other pieces of equipment, not just the wiring. These units are then replaced with new ones that are suitable for the newly installed system to work.


An electrician can also help build a structure, because any new building needs to be connected to an electricity supply and have the correct system in place to ensure the flow of electricity around the house or building. This can be a long job and often involves more than one person as well as a significant amount of knowledge on the part of the licensed electrician. These electricians typically are employed full-time by the building company, meaning that they must have expertise in their field.

A licensed electrician can also perform smaller jobs, including the replacement of light fixtures and the installation of plug sockets. These can seem like easy, do-it-yourself type jobs for some homeowners, but the reality is that all electricity is dangerous, meaning that an electrician is often vital for this role. A licensed electrician has all of the correct equipment to ensure that the job is completed safely and that the electrical system works properly.

One area in which a home electrician can assist a homeowner is the installation of outdoor electrical fixtures, such as outdoor plug sockets and lights. The installation of these units has its own distinct hazards, because the job can be dangerous even in the best weather. A licensed electrician can ensure that all fittings are waterproof and therefore safe for people to be around and to use, regardless of the season.

As well as their knowledge about electrical systems, licensed electricians can also offer advice on many other areas. A homeowner calling an electrician for a problem could be told that the problem is actually related to something completely different, such as the plumbing leaking water onto electrical components. In this role, a licensed electrician often will recommend a licensed contractor who deals with the specific problem.


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