What does a Legal Cashier do?

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A legal cashier is a person who has to take care of the finance department, and sometimes other departments, within a legal firm or company. They possess some unique skills and expertise in the financial matters to help law firms and solicitors. There are many tasks that are handled by a legal cashier in various different departments of a company.

Finance related tasks are the main projects that a legal cashier must handle. As a financial controller, they are involved in handling the management of cash and finances of a legal firm. Apart from finance controlling tasks, they also have to handle legal accounts for the firm. Account handling is somewhat similar to finance controlling but there are some unique tasks associated with it apart from the handling of invoices. In this category, they have to perform tasks that are similar to traditional accountants that include large money transfers and payments. They may also manage the accounts of the firm while taking care of billings. Apart from the above finance niche tasks, they are also given additional responsibilities in the company.


Legal cashiers can also do managerial, HR, administrative, and marketing tasks within a company. As a practice manager, legal cashiers have to handle non legal matters of the legal firm and they are responsible for managing administrative teams in a company. In small legal firms, a legal cashier is assigned human resource responsibilities because the firm cannot dedicate a special HR person within their company. As they are able to handle administrative teams, therefore, they are also able to take care of the human resource department. They are also made to handle many administrative works and marketing related tasks. This involves driving new customers to the firm by promoting the company and advertising the services offered by them so that the potential customers are driven towards the company.

It is a good idea to work as a legal cashier if a person is interested in working for solicitors and legal companies. This way they will be able to acquire legal work experience and also get real time knowledge in this area. For this, they must possess the essential skills that support the job. The essential skills include being good at calculations, having leadership skills, having great communication skills, as well as good team management skills. Once in this field, a legal cashier can look forward to a career that gives them room to grow.


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