What does a Lease Administrator do?

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A lease administrator has the job of overseeing property leases and related transactions. A person in this position has the job of administering leases and making sure they are in order. Part of his job is making sure lease-related financial transactions are processed correctly, which often means keeping track of the payment of rent, property-related charges, and taxes on leased property. He may also have the job of processing lease renewals. If something is amiss in either the processing of payments, receipt of payments, or lease documentation, it is usually the lease administrator’s job to notify the appropriate staff member or take other steps to ensure the payments are brought up to date.

When a company has leases as part of its portfolio, there may be a number of details and transactions it needs to track in relation to them. A lease administrator performs this task for his employer. A person in this field often reviews leases to make sure they are accurate and keeps track of transactions for such things as rent, real estate taxes, and a range of expenses related to the property. In some cases, he may be responsible for collecting rents while in others he may simply keep track of the payments that are collected by other staff members. Sometimes a person in this field is also called on to maintain a database of related records, create budgets, prepare regular reports, and analyze data.


In order to do his job well, a lease administrator usually needs good organizational skills. To keep up with a number of different lease agreements at one time, he may also need the ability to multitask and remember details. Often, people in this line of work need computer skills and are expected to have experience working with word processing and spreadsheet programs. Additionally, a person in this field typically needs problem-solving ability and good communication skills.

The requirements a person may have to meet to become a lease administrator may vary from employer to employer. In many cases, however, employers prefer individuals who have earned bachelor’s degrees for this job. Seeking a bachelor’s degree in a field such as business or finance may increase a person’s chances of landing a job in this field. Those who hold master’s degrees in related majors, however, may be given preference as job applicants. Additionally, some employers prefer to hire applicants who have experience in real estate.


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