What does a Laser Technician do?

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A laser technician works with lasers, usually with the supervision of a scientist or engineer. A person with this title uses and tests different types of lasers as well as systems that employ lasers. He may also build laser systems. While performing his work, a laser technician is usually required to adhere to specific standards of safety and maintain detailed records.

Many laser technicians focus more on development than other types of work in this technical field. This means they may spend a good deal of their time in testing, determining how well different types of lasers work. Often, they also create new equipment and techniques themselves. This is the experimental part of the job.

Sometimes a laser technician spends most of his time working on the production part of this job. This means he helps produce both lasers and systems that use lasers, working from plans provided by design engineers. For example, he may refer to such plans to discover how he should align the equipment used in production to meet the exact specifications the designers have created for the product.


An individual in this field may also make sure other components, such as the system’s power, work properly. After the laser or laser system has been produced to the designer’s specifications, a laser technician often has the job of testing it to make sure it works as expected. If it does not work as expected, the technician makes adjustments or corrections to improve it.

Some laser technicians do field work instead of or in addition to production or testing. In this capacity, a field technician may go out to visit customer locations and install lasers or laser equipment. He may also teach customers how to use their laser equipment. Sometimes, this part of the job also includes returning to a customer’s location to maintain lasers and laser equipment. In some cases, a laser technician may even have to return to a customer location to repair equipment.

Though the job of a laser technician is highly technical, a person interested in this field doesn’t typically need extensive education. Many employers will hire laser technicians who’ve earned certificates or associate’s degrees in electronic technology or laser/electro-optics technology. After earning such credentials, an aspiring laser technician may seek a job with a company that produces or designs lasers and laser equipment.


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