What Does a Land Coordinator Do?

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A land coordinator is also known as a planner, and many responsibilities come with this position, including allocation, zoning, and optimization of land. It is also necessary that land coordinators understand research, mapping, and statistical analysis that is utilized to help make decisions about an area's land and resources. Much of the job is spent working inside an office to determine land uses, but land coordinators also go into the field to see how their work is affecting a community. They can also work for a particular organization that owns land to determine the best uses for it.

Land coordinators often work for government entities to determine the best uses for land in an area. This includes zoning land to be used for certain uses, such as parks or commercial organizations. It is the land coordinator's job to research the implications of using land for certain purposes, such as how a new business area would affect an area's economy and traffic. If the land is deemed appropriate for a certain use, the land coordinator works with surveyors and contractors to make sure that anything being built meets the zoning requirements and specifications for the area.


This position also involves being in contact with community members regarding the uses of land in different areas. A person in this position might attend city council meetings, where people from the community can voice complaints or petitions to use land for various purposes. It is then the responsibility of the land coordinator to determine the best uses, taking into account the information that he or she has accumulated from all sources.

An individual working as a land coordinator must also be familiar with the laws and legislation in his or her area, as it is part of the job to ensure that laws are not broken during the allocation of land and its potential uses. The land coordinator provides information and advice to the community leaders regarding the laws. For example, a land coordinator needs to understand when an area is under specific protection due to environmental or historical concerns.

It is also the duty of the land coordinator to help organize and run the land use office. This includes helping individuals and businesses with applications for land use. In addition, day-to-day organization requires completing paperwork on the use of land and the regulations of the area.


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