What does a Kitchen Designer do?

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A kitchen designer is a design professional who works with homeowners to plan the layout and functionality of a new or remodeled kitchen. Kitchen designers might also oversee installation and construction, and they might assist with decorating. In the retail environment, a kitchen designer is usually a sales professional as well as a designer.

Most kitchen designers are skilled in both manual drawing and computer-aided design (CAD). They must know at least the basic principles of architecture and interior design; many kitchen design jobs require in-depth knowledge of one or the other of these, or both. Kitchen designers must also be familiar with local building codes and requirements. Many of them have worked on the construction side of kitchen design, and are well-versed in construction techniques and practices. Commercial kitchen designers, who work with restaurants and other large-scale food service facilities, might have even more specialized knowledge in areas such as health codes, industrial design, and ergonomics.


The ability to work well with clients and determine their needs is an important part of a kitchen designer's job. Residential kitchen designers help their clients choose cabinetry, flooring, appliances, countertops, and color palettes that fit the client's home, lifestyle, and budget. An initial consultation might take place in a showroom or home improvement center or in a client's home. After seeing the kitchen space, the kitchen designer offers suggestions about the type and placement of cabinets and appliances, as well as specific materials and products. The designer might prepare and present several designs to the client, or might work on just one design, making changes throughout the process.

Kitchen designers can find work in different environments. Most large home improvement stores have several kitchen designers who help customers with everything from choosing a new sink to designing an entire kitchen, complete with custom-ordered products and materials. Kitchen and bath showrooms also offer kitchen design services. Self-employed kitchen designers might work independently and be hired directly by clients. They might also subcontract their services to builders or to architecture or interior design firms.

Most kitchen designers have at least an associate's degree with a specialization in interior design or kitchen and bath design, and a bachelor's degree is often preferred. A kitchen designer is typically expected to have completed coursework in interior design, architectural drawing, CAD, space planning, and construction techniques. Some programs may also include sales and marketing. In some areas, full certification or licensing might require several years' experience and an exam.


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Post 3

So what are the trendy kitchen design ideas that the top designers are using? Anyone that has looked at a home design magazine in the last ten years knows that kitchens have changed dramatically and there are now a huge variety of designs and styles that people choose from. Once wood was popular, then stainless steel, then the kitchen where everything was designed to look like other things, then the kitchen/living room combo. Kitchens change a lot.

Post 2

There is kitchen design software that makes it a lot easier for professionals and amateurs alike to plan out the design of their kitchens.

These programs allow you to tinker with designs and change your mind easily. Because everything happens in the computer you can make endless changes without spending a ton of money or marking up a set of blueprints.

Many of these programs will also expose designers to new colors and styles of paint, cabinetry and hardware that they might not have know about before. It gives you so many tools to work with that it can be fun to play with even if you are not remodeling your kitchen.

Post 1

I have always thought that being a kitchen designer would be a great job. The kitchen is the best room in the home. Most people spend the majority of their time in their kitchens and of course, that is where all the food is. Kitchens tend to be the most intimate, personalized and functional of any of the rooms in the house. This presents both challenges and opportunities to a budding designer.

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