What Does a Junior Secretary Do?

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The job duties of a junior secretary can vary depending on the company for whom he or she works, as well as the number of other employees. This is an entry-level administrative assistant job, however, so many people are able to start in this position with very little experience or education, which is a great benefit. In most cases, a junior secretary will report to a secretary in a senior position, and will be assigned numerous tasks around the office. This may involve answering phones, greeting clients as they come in, and keeping files organized. Some junior secretaries are also responsible for cleaning in the office, and keeping the restrooms clean as well.

Typically, the daily responsibilities of a junior secretary will revolve around making sure that the office runs efficiently and successfully. Answering phones and directing callers to the proper person is often a big part of the day. A junior secretary may also be responsible for replying to email, as well as receiving and sorting physical mail every day to send it to the correct place. Using office machinery to make copies, distribute memos, or compose letters is another important part of the job, so an individual in this position should have excellent communication and typing skills, as well as an understanding of office technology.


Greeting walk-in customers, or assisting them in answering questions or filling out paperwork, could also be part of the job responsibilities of a junior secretary. It is important to be personable, and to always look and behave in a professional manner. In some offices, the secretary might be the first person people see when they walk through the door, so this is especially important. As a result, the junior secretary might also be responsible for maintaining the appearance of the office; filing paperwork, keeping things neat and tidy, and keeping areas clean.

Some secretaries might also be responsible for maintaining office supplies. A junior secretary might be requested to take inventory, for example, and to put in an order for additional supplies as they are needed. Secretaries who succeed at their basic tasks may be given additional responsibilities such as scheduling and planning meetings, or taking meeting minutes and preparing reports, for example. Generally, junior secretaries are eligible for promotions as they gain work experience and additional office skills, making this a profitable career path for many people interested in this type of work.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- Well, he biggest difference between an intern and a junior secretary is that an intern may or may not be paid. But a junior secretary is always paid.

I personally don't think that it's right to make a junior secretary do very menial work. It's okay to ask him or her to make coffee for a meeting, to make copies of hand-outs, etc. These are regular duties of secretaries and office assistants as well. But I don't think it's acceptable to ask a junior secretary to clean the bathroom or something like that. We have two junior secretaries and they both do clerical work for us such as filing documents.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Both a junior secretary and a secretary trainee may move up to a secretarial position in the future. And they mostly carry out the same duties at the office.

Most people apply to these jobs to gain the experience and skills needed to be a secretary. But a junior secretary may just be someone who assists a secretary and may not be given the opportunity to be a secretary at that organization later on. On the other hand, a secretary trainee is being trained to be a secretary and the likelihood of being hired as a secretary at that organization is greater. Of course, the nature of the work and promotions depends on that organization and what they are looking for. These are definitely things that ought to be considered and discussed before one applies for these positions.

Post 1

What is the difference between a junior secretary and a secretary trainee? And what makes them different from an intern exactly?

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