What Does a Joint Venture Manager Do?

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The nature of the job for a joint venture manager depends largely on the scope of the business project. It is possible for the duration of a joint venture manager position to be short term in nature or possibly to unfold over a longer period of time. Joint ventures are common in certain industries, including energy. Although the precise job description for the manager of each joint venture is unique, an individual in this role is likely to be expected to oversee the daily operations of a project and the team performing the work.

Some joint ventures are international in nature. It is possible that a joint venture manager might have travel responsibilities in order to direct projects in multiple regions. If the partners own a portfolio of assets, for instance, it may be the job of the joint venture manager to oversee those properties. Bilingual skills may be a prerequisite for international joint venture roles.

Most likely, the joint venture owners will require that the individual who fills this role has several years of managerial experience. The manager of a joint venture might need to organize supply chain management and offer forecasts on how much production of some product needs to occur. Communication and problem-solving skills are needed from a manager who will be interacting with clients and employees. This individual may also need experience dealing with original equipment manufacturers.


Depending on the hands-on participation by project developers, a joint venture manager might be held responsible for the success or failure of an endeavor. This individual may be looked to for ensuring that a project is held in compliance with industry and regulatory standards. Additionally, the manager may be called upon to keep any outside investors updated on the progress of a joint venture partnership. If a venture involves product development, a manager may be asked to negotiate prices with suppliers.

An individual pursuing a job as a joint venture manager should have a clear understanding of how long the partnership is expected to last. Joint ventures are business entities, but these partnerships are formed with very specific purposes in mind. Often, when a venture is launched, the expectation for the duration of the project is outlined. Quite possibly, a manager on a given project could extend employment beyond the life of a joint venture. The manager could become employed at one of the corporations behind the partnership once the venture is completed.


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