What Does a Internet Researcher Do?

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An Internet researcher uses the Internet, typically through various search engines and similar utilities, to perform research on a variety of subjects. This is often done to assist a professional in a particular field in studying or researching a subject, though it can also be done to generate original content on a website or for an article to be submitted to a publication. Depending on where such a researcher works, he or she may provide freelance research to others or be assigned subjects and topics by a company. An Internet researcher then utilizes different methods for researching the subject online, and provides a thorough and comprehensive response based on that research.

The work of an Internet researcher typically begins with the subject he or she has been tasked to research. Due to the limitations of human memory, the ability to find information about a wide range of subjects can be equally or more important than actually knowing information. An Internet researcher is likely to either offer his or her services to clients on a freelance basis or is employed by a company that requires information to be determined and utilized.


An Internet researcher then begins to actually research that topic. This can entail a number of different methods, but typically includes the use of numerous search engines and various databases. A researcher might begin with a general query through mainstream Internet search engines, and then refine his or her research to utilize scholarly and academic databases for additional information. This entire process often includes verifying information found on one site with other sites, since an Internet researcher often needs to be able to demonstrate the accuracy of information he or she has learned.

Once an Internet researcher has learned the information that is required of him or her, then he or she usually relays that information to the person or people who want it. This means the research must be compiled and detailed in a way that is relevant and easy to understand. Sources for the information provided in the final report or article may also be required, and any discrepancies found during the research may need to be noted as well. An Internet researcher may also do independent research for himself or herself, usually to write an article or report for publication, or while working on original research for professional or academic purposes.


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Post 3

@Mor - It probably depends on what kind of internet research we're talking about. In some cases, it's a matter of looking up scientific research. In others, it might simply be a matter of looking up copyright infringement or something like that, in which case they won't really be working with information, so much as recording its presence.

Think about the fact that there must be people out there who basically just go through youtube all day to look for illegal videos. I don't think they remember every single video they ever found.

Post 2

@irontoenail - Possibly, but on the other hand, they didn't have so very much information to remember. Even if all you are doing is browsing gossip sites, you're still taking in more information than they probably saw in their lifetimes in a single week.

And a researcher would be taking in even more information. Although I suspect they probably do have a fairly good retention of it, since it's usually their job to process the information rather than just to find it.

I can understand that people who simply read something and don't do anything with the information might forget it easily when they know they can find it again. But if they actually work with the information somehow, they probably remember it quite well.

Post 1

It's true that being able to find information can supplement the human memory, but it seems like they've discovered lately that it can actually limit the human memory as well. People who know they are going to be able to find a bit of information again using the internet don't tend to remember it very well. So, in theory, our grandparents were actually better at remembering information than we are today.

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