What does a Human Resources Supervisor do?

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Broadly, a human resources (HR) supervisor helps manage the personnel requirements and staff related issues of a company. Thus, a supervisor in the human resources department of an organization may be engaged in overseeing various functions such as recruitment, staff training, employee relations, and administration of benefits. The responsibilities could include executing internal procedures to help monitor work related activities. The supervisor might work under the direction of a senior manager or director of human resources.

A human resources supervisor is usually involved in the selection and hiring process for prospective employees. This could entail preparing job advertisements for open positions, reviewing resumes, arranging tests and candidate interviews, and proper background screening of job applicants. Organizing orientation and training of new recruits, and skill development programs for employees could also be a part of the job.

Normally, the supervisor is assigned staff to assist with human resource functions. The position often comes with the responsibility to ensure that the personnel of the human resources department perform their administrative duties efficiently. This may necessitate outlining, coordinating, and looking over the work delegated to the staff.


The human resources supervisor could be involved in formulating the departmental budget and tracking expenses. One of the tasks might be to furnish records and computerized progress or status reports on personnel related matters to the senior management of the company. Developing strategies for recruitment, and employee retention is one of the areas in which the human resources supervisor may be required to assist. Another aspect of this job can be to bring into practice measures for performance evaluation, goal setting, and providing feedback to employees.

In some organizations the human resources supervisor could be responsible for ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws concerning recruitment, employee benefits, and working conditions. The supervisor may be called upon to interpret and provide employees information on organizational policies and procedures. Job responsibilities can include considering and sanctioning leave requests, and analyzing staffing levels. At times, the supervisor is involved in addressing problem situations with employees or discipline issues that arise.

To handle the responsibilities that the position entails usually requires a professional background in human resources or an allied area. Employers generally seek professionals with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in human resources, business administration, or a related management discipline. In addition, four to five years of relevant work experience in human resources related functions is often preferred.


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Post 2

Human resources management can be your best friend if you let them be.

I had some major issues with our health insurance, which we receive through my job. Somehow, my husband was added (and he wasn’t supposed to be), my newborn was left off (and he wasn’t supposed to be) and open enrollment was long gone.

Every time I contacted the insurance company, I was told that I couldn’t make changes to my policy because open enrollment was over. Every time I told them it was wrong – that we had made changes during open enrollment and that the the insurance company had messed them up they more or less said without saying, “Too bad, so sad, little momma.”

I gave up and went to the human resources manager in our branch. One phone call was all it took and everything was set right! Plus, we received a check from the insurance company because the payment they took out was way too much!

Post 1

A human resources supervisor certainly has their hands full, particularly in a large corporation. Anytime things turn out well for the employees they might have a good day. But boy oh boy, when things go south they are the first ones to hear about it.

For example, I worked with a nationwide corporation for a number of years, and our statewide human resources director worked out of our office. That poor woman was cussed out as much as she was asked, “Hi. How are you today?”

For some reason when disgruntled employees come into contact with the human resources supervisor they somehow think they are actually meeting the devil incarnate. I never quite understood the rationale behind it, but it would have taken a hefty size paycheck for me to take a job in human resources management.

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