What does a HRIS Administrator do?

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The human resource information system administrator, or HRIS administrator, typically works for the human resources office within a company. As such, an HRIS administrator has varied tasks. For example, hiring and training of workers is one of the job tasks since the HRIS administrator works in human resources. Other job tasks involve record keeping, payroll, speaking, writing, or processing data.

HRIS administrators are responsible for managing human resources projects that involve identifying and hiring the personnel companies need. They create plans for the hiring of those personnel and simultaneously have to be organized while keeping track of the human resources budget and recruiting the appropriate personnel. They exercise judgment and objectivity when hiring the best workers for the job openings a company has. HRIS administrators are knowledgeable about affirmative action and all laws pertaining to human resources.


They train workers, which means they explain the job and show the workers what they will be doing, although the extent to which they train workers depends on the company. HRIS administrators are able to work independently if they have to; however, because they train workers, they tend to be energetic and good at motivating people and team building. Also, an HRIS administrator tends to have good conflict resolution skills because there are times when conflict happens between co-workers, when workers complain about a boss being abusive, or when workers are laid off due to economic reasons or fired due to insufficient job performance.

In record keeping, an HRIS administrator organizes and keeps track of data or information pertaining to the employees of companies. For instance, they maintain confidentiality as they keep records of the names, addresses, salary, benefits, retirement planning, and vacation allowances for all employees. In addition, they keep track of employee performance through performance reviews. Also, they keep information pertaining to potential employees so they will have a pool to recruit from in the event they need additional workers.

HRIS administrators have an understanding of compensation and payroll. For example, they know how to classify each job and are knowledgeable about the approximate salary each job requires. They also know when and how paychecks are supposed to go to workers, whether it is via a regular check or direct deposit into the worker's bank account. Also, they have understanding of HRIS software such as Ascentis, Ceridian, or Kronos Workforce HR.

They do oral presentations in business meetings. Also, they write reports to senior management and write business letters on behalf of the company. As such, they tend to be experts in oral and written communications.

Computer use is necessary for HRIS administrators because they use the computer for writing reports and business letters. They also use spreadsheets and do statistical analyses as part of record keeping and assessing how the company is doing in terms of its human resources efforts. In addition, they also tend to be knowledgeable about computer software, and in some cases they may be the ones who teach other employees how to use the software.


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