What Does a Housing Coordinator Do?

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The role of a housing coordinator can vary dramatically between fields. A housing coordinator generally helps people find affordable housing or assists residents of a community. In the hospitality industry, these employees might be involved in selling residences in a hotel or resort.

Housing coordinators are common in housing communities such as retirement homes or group homes for the ill or disabled. In this context, the coordinator will develop relationships with residents and ensure that their housing needs are met. This might include organizing community activities, overseeing maintenance records, maintaining schedules for residents and working with outside contacts to act as a liaison between the residents and the community at large. Housing coordinators are often employed in student housing, apartment complexes, youth homes and homes for people who have mental health or substance abuse issues.

In the nonprofit world, the main responsibility is case management. The coordinator is responsible for assisting people who have difficulty finding homes, such as refugees, recovering drug addicts and victims of abuse. For these cases, the coordinator works to find suitable and affordable arrangements for these people and their families. The coordinator also assists in furnishing the homes and ensuring that these residents integrate into the outside community.


These coordinators in the corporate world find accommodation for employees or members of a particular group or society. If a corporation provides housing for its employees, a coordinator works with the employees and the company to ensure that the accommodations are suitable and maintained. Coordinators also can be employed to find short-term accommodation for guests of a major event, conference or competition.

In government, a housing coordinator manages the housing of a community or region. The job involves implementing legislative or legal developments concerning housing, overseeing rents and landlord/tenant issues and working closely with housing advocates, community boards, tenant associations and nonprofit groups. Government coordinators typically report to an elected official or board and act as the government's representative on housing issues within the community.

Many housing coordinator positions require a bachelor's degree in social work or social services, and some prefer a master's degree in social work. Other positions require only a high school diploma or associate's degree. Often, positions will require a driver's license and access to vehicle, and some might require a basic medical knowledge for those who work with the ill or elderly.


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Post 3

@spotiche5- I'm glad to hear that your friend is doing so well, and moving on to the next step of his recovery. There are many different agencies that have housing coordinators on staff, and they vary from city to city.

Since your friend has been in drug recovery, I'm sure he has a counselor. This is the perfect person to check with to help him find a non-profit agency in his area where a housing coordinator works with individuals looking for housing.

Post 2

@rundocuri- I have a friend who has completed a drug recovery program and is doing great. Now he is ready to move on and find his own apartment, and it sounds like the services of a housing coordinator is what he needs. Do you now where he can find one to help him?

Post 1

I have a friend who works as a housing coordinator for a non-profit organization that helps people get back on their feet by finding affordable housing. She said that it is a very rewarding job, because she feels great when she helps people.

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