What does a Houseperson do?

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A houseperson is usually charged with the general upkeep of a facility. Often, a person with this job works in a hotel or spa and performs a range of cleaning and housekeeping tasks. He may also take on some general maintenance tasks that a maintenance worker doesn’t handle. He may, for instance, have the job of performing basic maintenance on a facility’s hot tubs. The exact duties a houseperson performs, however, may depend on the unique needs of his employer.

Often, a houseperson works for a hotel and performs a range of tasks involved in keeping the hotel well-maintained and clean. This means he may be responsible for performing a range of cleaning and maintenance duties in the hotel lobby and public restrooms. He may also be responsible for cleaning and maintaining a hotel’s hallways. A houseperson who works in a spa may perform many of the same duties.

A houseperson may also help the staff of a hotel or other facility in a variety of ways. In a hotel, he may sometimes assist the bellboy with performing his duties. He may also run errands for the hotel staff members on an as-needed basis. When there are special events and conferences at the hotel, he may help prepare the rooms needed for the events. A houseperson who works in a hotel, spa, or other facility may also be responsible for maintaining employee break and locker rooms.


If a hotel or other facility is open seasonally, a houseperson may have additional duties related to preparing the facility to open for the season. For example, he may have the job of checking the phones and other equipment in each room prior to the arrival of guests. He may also check to ensure that the facility's keys are all present and replace any that are missing. Sometimes a person with this job also pitches in to help regular housekeeping staff with getting the rooms ready for the guests.

Generally, a person can become a houseperson with a high school or general educational development diploma. Some employees may also hire individuals without either credential, however, as long as they are capable of following instructions, getting along well with others, and performing at least some of their work without direct supervision. Many employers prefer employees with experience in housekeeping or a related job, but some offer on-the-job training.


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