What does a Housekeeping Manager do?

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A housekeeping manager has the job of directing housekeeping staff members in their jobs, ensuring their cleaning duties are accomplished in a timely and orderly manner. He may supervise staff in a hotel, school, or hospital, ensuring that staff members clean rooms effectively and leave them reasonably comfortable and attractive for those who must use them. An individual in this job may hire or screen and train staff members, assign them tasks and inspect their work. He may also buy and maintain housekeeping equipment and supplies.

To perform his job well, there are many skills an aspiring housekeeping manager must have. Among them are communication, time-management, and training skills. A person in this field must also be able to motivate others to perform well in their jobs and maybe even develop new skills. He needs the focusing ability to remain on course, adhering to a schedule when necessary, as well as the flexibility to change directions when circumstances require adjustment. He should also be detail oriented and capable of multitasking; math skills can be helpful as well.


A major part of a housekeeping manager’s job often is supervising others. This may include supervising a single group of cleaning staff or presiding over multiple groups, which are each headed by a supervisor. The exact requirements for this job may vary, but these managers often screen and train applicants and assign them tasks to perform. For example, a person in this job may give each staff member a schedule of daily jobs to complete. When a task isn’t performed correctly, he may provide correction and instruction for improving.

Another part of a housekeeping manager’s job may be buying and maintaining equipment and supplies housekeeping staff members need to perform their jobs well. For example, he may purchase mops, brooms, sanitizers, rug shampooers, and floor buffers. If a piece of equipment breaks, it’s often the housekeeping manager’s job to have it replaced or repaired. He may also take inventory of housekeeping supplies and equipment.

An individual who works as a housekeeping manager may also keep records required for paying staff, sending records to the payroll department for processing. He may also handle complaints about the housekeeping staff. For example, if a person complains that his hotel room wasn’t cleaned properly, the manager may handle the complaint. He may handle complaints from cleaning staff members as well.

Generally, a person can secure a housekeeping management position with a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) credential. Prior supervisory experience is usually preferred. Some people work their way up from cleaning rooms to management.


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Post 2

My cousin worked as a housekeeper manager for a major hotel chain and he said the most challenging part of the job was handling guest complaints. He said that's why he was so tough on his staff. Most of them had been employed by that company for years, however, so they knew he was just doing his job. They respected him for not allowing them to become lazy or inattentive.

Post 1

When I worked for a local hotel, the housekeeping manager was on duty at least 60 hours a week. She would inspect every room after the housekeepers moved on. If there was anything left unfinished, she would find the crew responsible for that room and bring them back. She ran a very tight ship, but very few customers ever complained about the cleanliness of their rooms.

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