What does a Housekeeping Attendant do?

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A housekeeping attendant is an individual who works in a place of business providing lodging services. This may include hotels, motels and vacation resorts. Often, a person working in this profession may also be known as a housekeeper. A high school diploma is generally the most common level of education required to obtain this type of position. The duties of a housekeeping attendant can be plentiful and may differ according to the type of establishment he or she is employed by.

One of the biggest duties of a housekeeping attendant is to clean rooms. The attendant will generally clean the floors by vacuuming and mopping. He or she usually provides a fresh linen supply to the guest and make the beds daily. An attendant may also polish the furniture in the rooms, dust and empty the trash cans. Several times throughout the day, he or she may stop by the room and collect dirty laundry for cleaning.


Often, a four or five star hotel may be furnished with an efficiency kitchen and a small living room. When hotel rooms have additional spaces, their upkeep is usually the duty of the housekeeping attendant. If the room has a kitchen, the attendant may wash the dishes, sanitize the counters and stock the kitchen with basic necessities such as plates, silverware and condiments. Sometimes, the kitchen will include a refrigerator, microwave and stove, which may be cleaned and kept by the the attendant as well. In the event a guest needs additional lodging furniture such as a crib or a rollaway bed, the attendant will generally be the person to fulfill these needs.

Another duty of a housekeeping attendant may be to clean bathrooms. This will generally involve sanitizing the sinks and cleaning the toilet, shower and tub. He or she may also replenish toiletries as needed. This may include providing clean towels, wash cloths, soaps and complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste. The attendant may be responsible for changing light bulbs in the bathrooms, as well as other areas of the room.

In many cases, a housekeeping attendant will be in charge of cleaning public areas of a lodging facility. These duties may include cleaning the hallways and lounge areas and public restrooms. The attendant may clean the tables, counters and floors of lounge areas. He or she may have to clean the sinks, toilets and stock the public restrooms with toilet paper, paper towels and hand soaps.

Often, guests visiting an unfamiliar place will have a variety of questions about the place they are lodging at and the area they are visiting. For this reason, a housekeeping attendant may answer numerous guest questions on a daily basis. He or she may also point individuals to the appropriate party to file guest complaints. When there is a significant problem in a guest room, such as a malfunctioning appliance or a plumbing issue, the attendant may report the problem to the correct person for repairs. An individual interested in becoming a housekeeping attendant should enjoy working with people and be able to stand for extended periods of time.


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Post 2

@Rotergirl: So, so true. There was a news story on one of our local channels where reporters talked to hotel housekeepers. Their identities were protected (for obvious reasons) and they were talking about the stuff guests did, how poorly they were paid and how often hotel management blamed them for problems actually caused by the guests.

These folks should get $50 an hour for the garbage they have to put up with!

Post 1

The people who work in housekeeping at a hotel have the hardest jobs there and should never be taken for granted. I've heard stories about the kinds of things hotel guests leave in their rooms, and the condition they leave those rooms in. It would turn your stomach. I guess these people think they don't have to clean up after themselves at all, since "the maid" will do it. Gets under my skin.

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