What Does a Hotel Security Officer Do?

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A hotel security officer is not only responsible for the safety of the hotel guests, he or she is also responsible for the safe keeping of the hotel, its staff and property. In some large hotels, the security officer monitors the various areas of the hotel through a system of cameras and video monitors. The security officer also often patrols banquet and meeting rooms and responds to any type of disturbance, from a fire or unauthorized guest to a medical emergency. The security officer also responds to guest complaints concerning disturbances and problems with neighboring hotel guests.

Many hotels use off-duty or former police officers as a security force. These officers respond to complaints of thievery, disorder and other disturbances within the hotel and its parking areas. Escorting the hotel payroll and bank deposits are two types of duties that might be performed by a hotel security officer. Other tasks, such as removing unauthorized individuals from the entrance of the hotel and parking areas, are performed to eliminate the unwanted harassment of hotel guests from panhandlers. Maintaining a watch over the various stores and shops located within the hotel also typically falls on the shoulders of the security officer.


Some of the largest hotels in the world have a guest registry that is as large or larger than the entire population of some small cities. These hotels experience many of the same situations and emergencies as a comparably-sized city, and it is the hotel security officer who responds to right the situation. Due to the sheer size and magnitude of many of the largest hotels, the security force keeps abreast of most security situations through the use of a closed-circuit television monitoring system. Through the use of the monitoring system and the calls from guests relayed by the front desk, the security team is usually very quick in responding to most issues.

In cases of detention, the hotel security officer is typically required to take custody of an offender inside of the hotel. Once the local authorities arrive on the scene, the hotel security will commonly provide a written statement of the actions that warranted the detention, as well as turn custody of the detainee over to the authorities for arrest purposes. The hotel security officer will then prepare a written statement detailing the action completely. This report is commonly kept in the hotel's records and files for a period of time deemed appropriate by the hotel board.


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Post 3

I feel better when I see a security guard in uniform when I drive up to a hotel. The presence of security personnel makes me worry less about the safety of my car doing the night. I also feel better about my safety.

Whenever I make reservations, I ask whether the hotel has its own security team. When I stop at a hotel and I haven't reserved a room, I ask about security before I check in.

Post 2

Some hotels depend on locals to fill their rooms on weekends. Many of these locals are looking for a place where they can blow off steam built up from the work week.

Blowing off steam often times means alcohol and parties, which is fine when everyone is there to party. However, what usually happens is that the couple from out of town trying to get some sleep so they can get back on the road the next day ends up in a room with a lot noise coming from the rooms nearby.

Unfortunately not all of these types of hotels have security guards, but they should have.

Post 1

A hotel security officer is a great asset for the person or people working the front desk when the officer is on duty. Without security personnel, the front desk manager has to take care of the requests of guests who come to the front desk, and also see to any problems that guests in the rooms might have, such as noisy neighbors, people gathering in halls or the parking lot and so on.

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