What does a Hotel Owner do?

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Hotel owners are individuals or corporate entities that own and operate one or more types of hospitality accommodations. There are a number of different types of hotels, each tailored to attract certain consumers. This great diversity in the types of hotels found across the world requires a hotel owner to assume a wide range of responsibilities, especially if the hotel in question is a locally owned establishment.

For every hotel owner, there is the necessity of managing all responsibilities connected with the ownership of the hotel property itself. While he or she may have staff to help with matters such as maintaining the property and buildings, making decisions regarding the landscaping, securing a business license, and making sure all taxes are paid in a timely manner, the ultimate responsibility falls to the owner. It is not unusual for the owner of a hotel franchise to delegate all these and other responsibilities, such as guest relations and the development of amenities for those staying at the hotel, to a management team. For those who operate a small family hotel or motor lodge, it is highly likely that the owner will perform a larger share of the operational tasks personally, sometimes relying on no more than a handful of hotel staff to keep the business functioning.


With an operation like an extended stay hotel, the responsibilities of the hotel owner will expand to making sure additional amenities not found with other types of hotel accommodations are readily available. Many extended stay suites and rooms include at least a galley kitchen, a fact that requires the owner to make sure all the appliances used for food storage and preparation are in proper operating order. The owner may troubleshoot minor issues, such as unclogging drains, but is likely to rely on the services of certified and bonded professionals for more complex issues with the plumbing, power supply, and function of major appliances.

With hotel operations of all types, the hotel owner is responsible for maintaining insurance coverage on all facets of the business. This type of business insurance helps to protect the business and the owner from any number of situations that could arise. Along with providing resources to help rebuild in the event of a natural disaster or damage to the facility by guests, hotel insurance often provides the owner with protection in the event that a guest is injured on the property. The exact scope of the insurance will vary, taking into account specific factors such as the type of hotel, and where the hotel is located.

Depending on the scope of the operation, the hotel owner may employ a general manager. When this is the case, the general manager is usually responsible for every task that has to do with the day to day operations of the hotel. This includes making sure the rooms are clean and ready for guests, that all amenities offered by the establishment are available, and that the staff is properly supervised. The manager serves as the foundation of the hotel management structure, and is likely to report to the hotel owner on a regular basis.


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