What does a Hotel Manager do?

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A hotel manager oversees all staff and is in charge of all hotel operations. She usually has each department head reporting to her, such as the heads of housekeeping, human resources, and accounting, plus the kitchen and front desk supervisors. A typical manager has hectic workdays that involve communicating with staff and guests, observing how well things are going, making necessary improvements in the facilities or staff, and always trying to maintain or increase the hotel's profit while staying on budget.

Most hotel managers don't spend the entire workday sitting in an office. Rather, they are actively observing how staff interacts with hotel guests and may check the grounds daily making sure everything is functioning well and no repairs are needed. It's also her duty to ensure that the hotel's exterior and interior are being maintained and she may also initiate or approve decor improvement work as long as it fits in with the budget.

The department supervisors handle problems and complaints and keep the hotel manager advised of everything that occurs. The daily report is a record book that hotel department heads communicate in to keep the manager informed of the important events that occur in all departments each day. If a problem or complaint is too large for them to handle, or it can't wait, the general manager deals with it as soon as possible. She may sometimes be called in the middle of the night at home during non-working hours if there is an emergency. Some live on site, but not all do.

A manager's workday often begins with meeting with department heads to discuss entries in the daily report. The discussions aren't just about staff issues or guest complaints, but also about earnings and profits. She may delegate new assignments or objectives to staff during these meetings.

Although department supervisors usually hire or fire those who report to them, the hotel manager will have the final decision-making authority in both the hiring and firing of all staff. Marketing and promoting the hotel is another part of the job, as well, although a manager may delegate some of the promotions and advertising projects to the front desk manager.

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Post 8

To do hotel management in India, there are various options. You can go for a short term, say one or two years and degree courses, also three years at graduation level and two years at post graduation.

Post 4

I think this career can offer amazing opportunities if you are able to take the pace and stress. The early years are definitely the proving ground, and many burn out before getting near to earning a halfway decent salary.

My brother has worked his way through the ranks, aided by a business post grad he did online at the same time. He's now in the final interview stage for a hotel management job in Dubai.

Hopefully any day now we'll be congratulating him and looking forward to discounts when we visit!

Post 3

@Valencia - If you are keen on a hotel management career then right now is the best time to be sorting it out.

As an college student you are eligible for a graduate trainee position. I know several of the large chains run these. You would learn on the job and get the salary you need.

I bet your experience would be a big help to you as well.

Post 2

I've been working in a local hotel during every college vacation. It's pretty basic work, serving in the restaurant and bar, plus a little housekeeping when the need arises.

It's only a small place so the hotel general manager doesn't have anyone between him and the staff, except a supervisor in each section.

He's been encouraging me to get into a career in hotel management but I'm not sure if it is really going to be very lucrative.

I'd also have to go straight from one college course to another, when I'd really like to just start making some serious money. Decisions, decisions!

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