What Does a Health Care Advisor Do?

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Health care advisors are charged with advising customers with health care needs. Whether the advisor can answer the question or suggests a resource for the customer to contact, he of she provides calm, comforting advice to those who call or e-mail. These advisors typically act as role models and use a customer-led approach in their exchanges.

A primary responsibility of a health care advisor is customer service. Professionalism and compassion are necessary for success in the field. The goal is to leave customers with the feeling they called the right place for help. In addition, the customer should feel comfortable contacting the advisor the next time a problem or concern arises. Customer service skills will promote goodwill and help ensure that customers return.

Maintaining knowledge of all available services and products is also the job of a health care advisor. Those who work for a company will understand how to advise customers with regard to the products it sells. If a customer calls and says that he has a rash on his hand with no other symptoms, for instance, the advisor may recommend the company's anti-itch cream, with advice to see a health care provider if the cream does not work or symptoms worsen.


Advisors working at places like hospitals are typically licensed nurses. Regional laws may require anyone working as a health care advisor to hold a health care license. In such settings, advisors may be required to keep client records. Tracking customer health care concerns and the advice given may also be part of what a health care advisor is expected to do.

A solid working relationship with clients and health care providers is an essential duty in this position. The advisor will refer customers to health care providers, pharmacists, and others who provide medical care. If a customer calls who has had hand surgery, completed physical therapy, and is now ready for occupational help, for instance, the advisor may recommend several occupational therapists in the customer's area. Phone numbers, addresses, and office hours for each recommendation are also provided to make it easier for the customer to make the contact.

Confidentiality is an important component of a health care advisor's career. He or she will know details of a customer's symptoms, medical history, and concerns. Advisors use this information to provide the best advice possible when the customer contacts them.

A nursing degree or certificate is recommended for an advisor career. In addition, several years' experience working in the health care field provides the foundation for getting the job. Whether selling products or advising patients, it is important to be a good listener and communicator.


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Why would a lawyer have this position?

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Having a personal health care advisor makes me feel better. I think I am better able to keep on top of my health issues because I have a teammate watching my back.

At the practice where I receive health care, each patient has a nurse or therapist assigned to her in addition to a personal doctor. While the doctors do a good job of relating to patients, I am able to spend more time with my advisor and I am able to contact her outside of office hours when I have questions and concerns. I think this is a great benefit provided by the practice.

Post 1
Being a person's sole health care advisor is a huge responsibility, and if you have a health care advisor who does not feel this way about his or her job, then you should quickly find someone who does.

Within a medical facility or at a company that provides health care advice for employees, the advisor position is often filled by a nurse, as alluded to in the article. Of course, this position requires a great deal of knowledge about health issues. This is knowledge that a nurse spends years obtaining in school and through hands-on encounters with patients.

It bothers me that some people call themselves health care advisors when they have no practical experience to hold such a position. Listening to questions and then reciting answers you found online is not acceptable practice for someone calling himself a health care advisor as far as I am concerned.

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