What does a Head Teller do?

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A head teller supervises all the tellers, or clerks, in a bank who handle cash deposits, withdrawals, and check-cashing duties. This person usually also trains new employees and may even make written reports of their progress. She might also access the bank's vault to deposit or withdraw cash. She is normally someone who is available to answer questions that might arise or handle customer complaints in the event there is a problem.

Part of this person's job description might be to verify the accuracy of cash drawers at the end of a teller's shift. This can mean that the head teller is responsible for checking the transactions performed against the balance of money in the register to make sure there have not been any significant mistakes. If discrepancies are noted, she might be called on to assist with transferring funds to the proper accounts. She may also need to counsel or retrain tellers who show a pattern of errors in their work.

New employees often work under the direct supervision of a head teller. This person will train personnel to perform their duties quickly and accurately. She often keeps documented logs of the training each new hire receives, and her progress so that management can determine if a raise is in order. This teller could also make recommendations to the personnel department concerning promotions and terminations.


Often, tellers may need to work flexible hours in order to accommodate the needs of the financial institution. A head teller is usually in charge of making the schedule for the people she supervises. If business is unusually slow on a particular day, she may need to choose an employee to send home early. In the event a worker calls in sick, she may have to call in a replacement to fill the position.

People who are designated to fill head teller jobs normally have a great deal of experience at the bank they are working in. This often means they can act as a go-to person whenever a teller has a questions. They can also usually resolve unusual issues that could arise during the business day, or handle customers' complaints.

This type of banking supervisor should enjoy working with the public in a fast-paced setting. She should also have good basic math skills. A college degree is not usually needed, but could be helpful to a candidate applying for this type of work.


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Post 3

What is the average head teller salary? I know that this will depend a lot on the area of the country a bank teller works in and the particular bank that they work for but there must be an average number out there somewhere.

I have been thinking that baking is a stable, well paying and respectable line of work. The last two jobs I have had I've lost when the businesses closed so I am looking to move into a more stable industry. Maybe banking is for me.

Post 2

I have had a variety of bank teller jobs in a number of different banks. In my last two jobs I worked as a head teller.

It was a weird experience because I have never been the boss before. Going from the person taking the orders to the person giving the orders is a big leap. When I first became a head teller I was promoted so a lot of the girls I worked with I then managed. It was tense at first but I learned to make it work. That was my job after all. I wasn't being paid to be everyone's friend.

Post 1

Being a head teller is not an easy job. In fact, many head tellers deal with more stress and responsibility than even the bankers.

Think about it this way. A head teller has all the duties and responsibilities of a regular teller. They must keep track of huge amounts of cash, respond to a wide variety of customer needs and maintain a high level of customer service. But they are also like HR representatives in that they have to manage and recruit large groups of tellers. It is two jobs in one. Don't underestimate the head teller.

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