What Does a Gym Receptionist Do?

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A gym receptionist is responsible for those general clerical tasks associated with the term "receptionist" in addition to other duties specific to her employment in a gym, fitness center or exercise center. Those employed in these roles often have a background or training in receptionist and secretarial skills, and should also have a solid understanding of physical fitness and exercise. Though a specific degree may not be required for employment, many of the individuals working as a gym receptionist have education beyond high school, such as an associate's degree, and some may be trained as personal fitness consultants.

Receptionists in general are typically required to greet visitors, vendors, and clients. They may also answer telephones, taking messages and routing information to necessary personnel; some may be required to maintain clerical records either by hand or using a computer database. A gym receptionist typically performs these tasks as well as those specific to working in a fitness center; monitoring or collecting client attendance and enrollment fees, providing towels and toiletries, scheduling client sessions with the facility's personal trainers and recording fitness equipment maintenance records.


Depending upon the size of the facility a gym receptionist may be employed full-time or part-time, and in many fitness centers, administrative and clerical duties are often shared among a staff or two to three front desk employees. The receptionist staff members are often required to greet visitors as well as provide fitness center tours and conduct sales pitches to prospective members; some may also perform cleaning and housekeeping functions in the locker rooms and on exercise machinery in the fitness center. Additional responsibilities may include reminding clients of the facility's regulations and enforcing them as necessary. Many of these staff members are also personal trainers who meet with clients during appointments scheduled during their shifts.

According to the US Department of Labor's Occupational Handbook, almost half of general receptionist positions require a high school diploma while the remaining require some college study or an associate's degree. Training specifically as a gym receptionist usually takes place on-the-job, as the duties of the position may vary according to the size or focus of the specific facility. Gym receptionists are often in an ideal situation to continue to increase their employability by taking classes toward certifications and trainings in different areas of fitness and exercise that may be offered at the fitness center itself. Salary increases may follow with a gym receptionist's ability to perform an increased number of job duties.


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Post 3

I think what a gym receptionist does depends on the gym and how responsibilities are divided among personnel. Larger gyms with more personnel have less share load.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I hope you don't think that all gym receptionists are the same way. I'm a gym receptionist and I have plenty of responsibilities and work load in my job.

I'm usually the first one there in the morning and I greet all guests, sign up people for membership and answer all the phones. I prepare and organize towels and gym equipment and keep track of who's borrowing them. I also have keys for lockers and sign those out to people.

When someone new walks in wanting to know about the gym, I show them around and tell them about the equipment and services we offer. I have to do a lot of convincing and I try to

find the best membership plan for people that's going to work for them.

We also sell exercise equipment and I'm in charge of that as well and have to keep track of inventory and do accounting.

So as you can see, being a gym receptionist is not the easiest job. It definitely has its share of responsibilities.

Post 1

I think the receptionist of the gym I go to doesn't do much at all. Whenever I go, which is everyday, all I see her doing is drinking coffee and chatting with the personnel. She doesn't even have to keep track of who comes and goes because there is an automated system. I have a membership card and I just scan it when I walk in. Being a gym receptionist must be the easiest job out there.

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