What does a Government Contractor do?

Erin J. Hill

A government contractor is someone who outsources jobs to subcontractors. For instance, if the government is repaving a street, the contractor will find a company to perform the work. This is usually done by collecting bids from various businesses and choosing the one with the lowest price. In some cases the contractor may hire a company based on experience or turnaround rate, even if the price is higher.

The government may contract with a company to repave a street.
The government may contract with a company to repave a street.

The government contractor may or may not work directly for the government. Sometimes, a specific government office will have someone who is hired in order to find subcontractors. Many times, though, a separate company will gain access to upcoming government bids and hire salespeople to research and find subcontractors to do the work or provide the services. These contractors generally learn to negotiate with companies in order to talk down the prices, and then they mark them up slightly in order to gain a profit. The sales staff usually earns a commission on the profits.

Subcontractors are frequently hired to work on construction sites.
Subcontractors are frequently hired to work on construction sites.

Often, a government contractor will also find providers of goods rather than services. For example, the government must purchase various items throughout the year. These can include medical supplies for hospitals and clinics, uniforms for the armed forces, and office supplies for various offices within the government. The contractor will call around to various manufacturers and find not only the best price, but also a company that can supply the quantity needed.

In most cases the government contractor will enter into a contractual agreement with the provider or subcontractor after a bid has been won. This normally occurs once a contract has also been signed between the government contractor and the office or area of government in which he is doing business. The nature of these contracts usually consists of prices, time frames for delivery, and other factor regarding the products or services being offered. This is a delicate process, because the level of responsibility for the contractor is tremendous.

The government contractor is responsible for ensuring that the subcontractors are paid in the event of a delayed payment from the government. Since it is the contractor, and not the government directly, who have hired these companies, it is his job to ensure that payments are made on time. It is also his job to oversee the operations of the work being done to ensure that deadlines are met and that the subcontractors are providing quality services. If the subcontractor fails in his obligations, it is the contractor who is held responsible by the government.

Electricians may work as government contractors.
Electricians may work as government contractors.

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