What does a General Cashier do?

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General cashiers are responsible for performing monetary transactions by using a cash register. Cashiers work with customers on a daily basis, ringing up sales, accepting money for items purchased, and assisting customers when there are price discrepancies. Grocery stores, department stores, and restaurants are three areas where a general cashier might work. Other establishments requiring general cashiers are recreational facilities, hotels, movie theaters, gas stations and college bursar offices.

General cashiers must be comfortable with handling money and making correct change. At the end of a cashier's shift, he or she is often required to balance the cash register. This ensures that the amount of money in the register drawer agrees with the total sales receipt.

Since general cashiers work in places that sell merchandise or offer services, they must frequently work nights, weekends, and holidays. They have daily contact with the public, so they must exhibit excellent customer skills and be knowledgeable about the products and services they sell. General cashiers deal with large sums of money each day, so they need to be honest employees who complete transactions in an efficient manner.


Becoming a general cashier does not require an advanced education. Candidates with a high school diploma or GED can find jobs as cashiers. High school students can often find jobs as cashiers in fast-food restaurants. New cashiers receive on-the-job training, shadowing an experienced cashier throughout the work day. After observing the experienced cashier, the new cashier is permitted to perform cashiering duties. These duties are performed while being supervised by an experienced general cashier.

General cashier jobs are entry-level positions that involve repetitious work. In most retail establishments, the cash register performs all of the calculations. The cashier merely needs to scan bar codes on merchandise or press buttons on a computerized cash register. After the sale is totaled, the cash register drawer automatically opens. The register screen shows the cashier how much change should be given to the customer.

Since working as a general cashier does not require specialized skills, cashiers do not earn a great deal of money. Some cashiers work part time and receive no benefits. Other general cashiers work full-time for large companies and receive benefits such as sick pay, health insurance, and vacation pay. Cashiers who work for grocery stores and department stores may receive store discounts as well.

During peak shopping seasons such as Christmas, some retail establishments hire seasonal cashiers to assist with larger amounts of customers. Seasonal cashiers work during a specific time period and are considered temporary workers. Seasonal cashiers are often scheduled to work nights and weekends to help the permanent cashiers who work year round.


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Post 2

SurfNturf-Sometimes a general description of a cashier includes standing behind a register at a restaurant.

For example, if you go to Denny’s you will have to pay your check at the register. This cashier will be responsible for ringing up your ticket and adding the gratuity to the bill.

This makes the waitresses more productive because they do not have to take care of the check for you and can move on the next customer so the wait will be cut shorter.

This general cashier job description makes it easier for the customers too because they are easy to identify.

Post 1

The general duties for a cashier include handling cash and credit transactions accurately.

In addition they also have to maintain a polite and friendly demeanor and ask customers if they found everything they needed.

A general cashier description will be an employee working on a line or at a cashier register waiting for to assist a customer.

Most supermarket cashiers are required to stand in front of their register so that customers could see them.

For example, if you are cashier no 9, you would stand in front of the lit number nine, so that customers know that they are able to check out with you.

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