What Does a Gaming Analyst Do?

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The duties of a gaming analyst often depend a great deal upon the type of “gaming” he or she is responsible for analyzing. This job title can be used in the defense contracting and government industries to refer to someone who runs simulations on possible military actions, including potential wars and missile exchanges. A gaming analyst working in the video game industry typically reviews upcoming releases to determine the impact they are likely to have on the market. There are also analysts that work in the casino gaming field, often running statistics to determine how well games are paying out compared to estimated averages and win percentages.

An analyst can refer to a number of different professions, and so the major responsibilities associated with this position can also vary quite a bit. Despite its innocuous name, the term “gaming” can be used to refer to military analysis of hypothetical actions between different organizations or governments. An analyst working in the defense industry is typically responsible for creating and analyzing simulations of conflicts between different armies. These scenarios can also include the exchange of missiles and similar weaponry; analysis often involves estimates of damage and lives lost, as well as retaliatory capacity left intact after an attack.


Within the video game industry, a gaming analyst is responsible for looking at the market and considering different games that are nearing release. Using information about pre-order sales and the performance of a particular developer or other games in a series, the analyst then establishes predictions for game sales. This information is often used within the industry to plan out game releases and determine how well a title performs compared to initial estimates. The work of the analyst in this capacity is quite important, since investors often use information from these professionals to make decisions on which companies to support.

A gaming analyst can also work in the casino and gaming industry, rather than with video or military games. This type of analysis often involves the use of statistics and an understanding of how often a player should be able to win at certain games. Information from the floor of a casino is typically used by a gaming analyst to determine how well certain tables are paying out compared to estimated losses. Extreme variations in predicted and actual results can lead to investigations that find players that are cheating or employees who are helping customers win. Automated machines can also be adjusted or taken down for repairs if analysis shows they are paying out much more than they should be.


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