What does a Freelance Developer do?

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There are a number of different tasks a freelance developer will typically do, though they can depend somewhat on the type of work the freelancer performs. This type of work usually consists of Internet development, often by creating websites for an individual or company. A freelance web developer will often create art assets or work with those provided, utilize text provided to him or her, generate original content, and organize the various resources into a complete website. Since a freelance developer works on a freelance basis, he or she will typically need to find and bill clients as well.

A freelance developer is typically someone who works freelance in creating and programming websites for companies or individuals. This work usually includes working with a scripting language, such as hypertext markup language (HTML) or a similar framework for creating websites. The developer will use various assets provided to him or her by his or her client, often consisting of images and text that need to be arranged into various pages. A freelance developer can create original content as well, though this is not always required and will usually depend a great deal on a specific job.


Depending on the nature of the job a freelance developer is working on, he or she may need to create thumbnails of how the final website layout will appear and submit those for approval by a client. If the developer is working on a freelance basis with a larger team, or is working to complete what was started by others, then less creative work may be necessary. In this case, the freelance developer will typically work with code or assets already established and ensure that his or her work is seamlessly integrated with what was already done.

A freelance developer will also typically need to work to find and bill clients, which occurs outside of the actual tasks necessary for him or her to design a website. This often involves looking for clients who need freelance web design work done, and submitting a bid for a particular project. The bid usually involves the freelance developer considering the work that is needed by the client, estimating how much time will be involved, and then presenting an estimate to the client of the time and expense for completing the project. Once the project is complete, assuming a bid is accepted, the developer will then need to bill the client as well, often by creating an invoice and detailing how payment can be made by the client.


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