What Does a Freelance Architect Do?

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A freelance architect basically does everything that architects are trained to do. The only difference is that the freelance architect is independent and not under any firm. As such, the freelance architect may undertake jobs like planning sites, producing building plans and designs, engaging in landscape architecture, constructing plans and consulting. Other responsibilities include the assessment of potential sites as part of feasibility studies and the assembling of a construction team on behalf of a client.

One of the functions of the freelance architect is to work with a client in order to assist such a client in building projects. Most times, clients do not have any particular design in mind and leave that duty to the architect in which case the architect will develop a concept for the building, which will serve as a proposal that the client can either accept, reject or ask for feasible modifications. Usually, the architect will draw up a plan depicting the various attributes of the building, or the architect might use visual reality technology to give the client a more realistic view of the proposed building, including virtual walk-throughs that will span the entire building. Such a method is highly desirable due to the fact that it allows for easier modifications than the use of physical prototypes.


Another responsibility of the freelance architect is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the proposed site on behalf of the client. Sometimes, the freelance architect might even offer some form of input in the selection of an appropriate site for the construction project. Part of this assessment will include the feasibility of the proposed project on the site, meaning the possibility of safely and effectively erecting a proposed project on the site after considerations like building codes, safety and environmental impact. Sometimes, the freelance architect will serve as a sort of consultant or advisor to the clients in terms of the relevant building laws and other questions the client might have regarding a construction project.

The freelance architect might also be contracted to not only design the building, but to perform other functions in regard to the construction project. This might include sourcing for or putting together the construction team, including builders, construction managers, engineers and other building professionals. It might be the responsibility of the architect to handle the supervision of the project starting from the design phase until the final construction.


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