What does a Franchise Sales Director do?

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A franchise sales director is an individual who watches market trends in real estate in order to determine optimal tracks for purchase for his company. He may then scope out the desired property, make deals concerning it, and walk the sale through from beginning to end. He may also be in charge of locating and overseeing the sales to new franchise operators. A franchise sales director may generate deals through the use of phone calls, meetings with peers, and business plans. His primary duty is to find, generate, handle and watch all new and possible opportunities for their companies.

Any franchise sales director is generally required to meet quotas as set forth by his company. He is to keep within an expense budget and a strict timeline. A franchise sales director may also be responsible for all necessary paperwork that is generated by the negotiations and sales of any real estate or deal.

It is also important that s franchise sales director be good with numbers. Most companies require a bachelors' degree with at least five years experience in consultative sales. The best directors are usually motivated, have knowledge of cold call sales, and are able to travel. A franchise sales director should also be computer-literate, knowledgeable of real estate, and have merger and acquisition experience.


The director of franchise sales may also be referred to as a director of franchise development. This is because he may offer services which benefit the entire development of a franchise by acquiring choice property and buildings and watching market trends to locate new franchise opportunities for optimal company growth. Many times, the director of sales will work closely with the board of vice president of the franchise to develop plans and courses of action for the business as well.

Most often, a franchise sales director will be handling multiple opportunities and deals at one time. This means he should have good organizational and multitasking skills to keep everything going. An understanding of zoning and local real estate laws in also important, so a franchise sales director will commonly be studying these topics as he moves from region to region. This career may be very demanding for time, travel, and stress. Individuals who are unable to cope with travel may not be suitable for the position.


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