What does a Forest Officer do?

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Forest officers, also referred to as park rangers in some areas, focus on maintaining forested areas. This includes protecting a park’s natural resources, enforcing park laws, and maintaining the area for visitor enjoyment. A forest officer typically will work in the outdoors, but promotions may lead to more office work and less time in the field.

A wide variety of skills go into making someone a successful forest officer. Interest in environmental issues, the ability to conduct research, and a scientific background are a few of the common characteristics of forest officers. Other helpful skills include good communication skills, analytical ability, confidence, and an appropriate level of physical fitness.

Educational backgrounds can vary for those wishing to become a forest officer or park ranger. Most will have degrees focused in forestry conservation, wildlife management, or earth sciences. Others may seek out educational opportunities that enable them to combine an interest in the environment and conservation of the natural world with an interest in law enforcement.

Conservation efforts are one of the main responsibilities of forest officers. This can include planting seedlings to encourage new growth as well as evaluating soil erosion. Other conservation duties include checking habitats for insects and diseases.


In some areas, a forest officer will take on additional duties related to the enforcement of park laws and regulations. These regulations exist to protect wildlife and increase the sustainability of the surrounding habitat. Officers tasked with these responsibilities may require additional training related to law enforcement basics, and may be licensed to carry a weapon.

Protecting the surrounding park area represents another responsibility of forest officers. This includes investigating buildings, trails, and other structural components, such as bridges and handrails, for any possible damage and needed repairs. In addition, maintaining public areas, such as lakeshores and campgrounds, are among the responsibilities of a forest officer.

Another part of providing an enjoyable visitor experience is preparing nature trips and tours of the surrounding area. Responsibilities include developing educational material related to the historical and cultural influences of the area. This can also include putting together demonstrations or arts and crafts classes.

Forest officers may take on additional tasks as they receive promotions and advance through the ranks of the forestry service. Administrative tasks, such as budget planning and writing reports, may become part of the job. Other possible responsibilities include training new employees and working with local authorities on the development of new or revised laws and regulations pertinent to protecting natural resources and wildlife.


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