What does a Floorman do?

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A floorman’s main job responsibility is to oversee the games played at tables in a gambling casino. He is commonly required to ensure the rules, regulations for each game are explicitly followed, and no cheating is taking place. Maintenance of supplies and equipment is also typically his responsibility, along with handling customer questions and complaints. A significant number of floormen prepare and coordinate the work schedules of dealers and other game table workers.

Success as a floorman normally requires the ability to simultaneously monitor several situations. He is not only typically required to make sure no customers are cheating, but also to keep a close eye on employees’ behavior—strict rules commonly imposed by the gambling house and the government dictate the proper handling of playing cards and chips. Regulations on payouts and limited play also normally monitored by floormen.

As a middle manager, a floorman’s duties often fluctuate depending on the casino. His job duties may also change depending on how many other workers are available for certain shifts. In addition to his other responsibilities, a floorman is commonly required to sell and cash in chips, seat players at game tables and rule on disputes between dealers and customers. If disruptions occur that are not readily quelled, he may step in to mediate or call for security backup.


Providing optimum customer service is another typical duty of a floorman. He is generally the one who receives customer requests and makes the decision on which requests are honored. Players regularly ask to switch tables or games or solicit special food and drinks. If a player is spending a substantial amount of money at the tables, he or she may ask the floorman for amenities or comps. These requests often entail free hotel rooms, passes to shows or complimentary dining at an upscale restaurant associated with the casino.

In addition to having exemplary communication skills and the ability to multitask, a floorman is commonly required to be detail-oriented. Projecting an air of authority is also important in this position, as it frequently requires assertively handling rude or dishonest players. Being able to manage and motivate staff members is generally considered as asset for people with this job as well.

There are typically no formal educational requirements for the position of floorman, though many casino supervisors have associate's or bachelor's degrees. A thorough understanding of the gaming industry, particularly table games, is a normal prerequisite to be hired for this position. Card dealers and game table workers often aspire to floormen positions, which often lead to promotions to the position of pit boss.


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