What Does a Flooring Specialist Do?

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A flooring specialist may be licensed to install all types of floors, including carpeting, vinyl, tile, and hardwood. Some floor specialists work with only one medium, such as marble. Most flooring specialists also do repair work and restoration, as well as installation. These experts may offer remodeling and design services as well. Many floor specialists are independent contractors and provide commercial and residential service.

Flooring specialist requirements may vary, although all specialists will have extensive knowledge of their craft. For instance, a carpet specialist will typically know how to treat stains and prolong the life of the carpet. He can recommend products and methods for cleaning carpet. A laminate floor specialist can offer tips pertaining to laminate floor care.

Some flooring specialists offer various services, such as refinishing hardwood floors. Additionally, a flooring specialist may be able to professionally stain hardwood floors. Flooring specialist duties may involve working with builders and remodelers. Some flooring specialists accept large projects that take several months to complete, while others perform several installations in one day.

A flooring specialist may offer services to repair floors damaged from water or natural disaster. He may also repair termite damage to wood floors. If the damage is minor, the floor specialist may use a wood filler on the section that has been affected. He may then apply a sealant to the wood to help repel moisture and retain original luster. The specialist may also repair damage to the subfloor and supports underneath the wood.


Carpet-care professionals often steam clean carpeting in residential homes or commercial buildings. This method involves the use of carpet-cleaning equipment that extracts dirt embedded within the carpet. Carpet-cleaning professionals may also use a method called foam cleaning, which is a more time-consuming procedure.

In many cases, a floor specialist will give an in-home estimate and free price quote upon request. A flooring specialist may also perform inspections at businesses or government buildings. As part of his service, the floor inspector may write a detailed report for his client. His report will typically list all damages found, and requirements necessary to correct them.

Many floor specialists also clean finished concrete floors, and regrout them as well. This procedure typically involves stripping the floor to remove wax and dirt, then applying a fresh sealant. In many cases, the floor specialist will remove all furniture from the room before beginning his work. He may also apply a protective covering around baseboards to prevent damage. Flooring specialists may also clean garage floors that have become stained from grease, oil or tire marks.


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