What does a Fitness Coordinator do?

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A fitness coordinator is responsible for creating an exercise schedule, conducting group exercise classes, and being a support person for other fitness trainers and assistants. The fitness coordinator often helps to keep exercise equipment up-to-date and clean. These employment positions can be found in fitness clubs, group facilities, or the military.

One task a fitness coordinator may have involves creating and maintaining an exercise schedule. In a gym environment, the scheduling may include how many exercise classes can be held per day and who will teach each class. In a group facility or the military, the scheduling will be based on the people who are being trained and could be extensive.

Group exercise classes are usually 30 minutes or more. The fitness coordinator usually oversees these classes and sometimes also has to teach them. Group classes typically should be well-organized and enjoyable to keep people motivated to continue on in the class. The coordinator also has to be knowledgeable on the latest fitness trends, especially if she is working in a fitness club.


In a setting where there are many fitness instructors, the fitness coordinator often acts as a team leader to support everyone working in the gym. Being a team leader involves handling any problems that arise with the other fitness instructors in the gym. In addition to setting the instructor's schedules, the coordinator may also have to conduct fitness trainings for the employees to keep the staff fit and aware of new exercises being offered.

In any work environment, the fitness coordinator may be responsible for ordering, arranging, and maintaining the exercise equipment. The equipment can be expensive, and the coordinator may be given a budget for ordering purposes. All exercise equipment usually has to be cleaned and maintained for safety and sanitary reasons.

Working in a fitness club versus a group facility or the military can carry different duties. A fitness club may have more flexible hours, whereas individuals in a facility or the military often work out early in the morning for long periods of time. A facility or the military will usually adhere to a stricter schedule and may be looking for quick fitness results. The fitness club could be a more relaxed environment, but depending on the size of the club, could also come with many responsibilities.

A fitness coordinator usually has to have some type of training or a college degree to be eligible for employment. A coordinator with the military often has a military background. The salary for a fitness coordinator depends on the amount of responsibility and the workplace setting.


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