What Does a Firewall Engineer Do?

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A firewall engineer is typically responsible for overseeing the security of a computer network through the deployment and maintenance of software. Firewalls are programs used either on a computer, or built into devices as firmware, that acts as a defensive measure to control what external sources are able to communicate with a network. One of the major responsibilities of a firewall engineer is the use of such a program to keep a network protected from external threats. These engineers may also be charged with educating coworkers and others in proper and secure computer use, to help them understand how they can keep the network safe.

Much of the work done by a firewall engineer involves the use of software to protect the systems on a computer network from malicious threats. Firewall software is typically either installed on computers and similar devices on a network, or can be found as firmware on a device. Firmware simply refers to a computer program that is installed as part of a piece of hardware, rather than keeping it separate from it like other types of software. Many employers expect a firewall engineer to consider different programs to use and then choose the security package that can best protect their company.


In some instances, a firewall engineer may need to create a new program, or perform a great deal of modification upon an existing one. This is often done if the network he or she is protecting has special issues that need to be addressed to ensure it is secure. Installing and maintaining the firewall is vital to the security of a business, as many external attacks can be prevented through the use of an effective program. A firewall engineer also typically responds to attacks that are detected, ensuring the software is not compromised and performing any upgrades necessary to keep a system safe.

The effectiveness of security software often depends a great deal upon the activities performed by its users. It is important, therefore, for a firewall engineer to educate other people that are using a computer network to ensure they are not unknowingly creating security risks. A great deal of time may be devoted to this education, as it helps ensure that other people at a business are able to use their computer systems effectively and help keep the network secure. Education by a firewall engineer can also reduce the need for service requests, as other users better understand the network and are able to more easily resolve their own issues.


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